What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is an alternative medicine in the United States and all over the world that uses hand strokes for soothing the body and relieving stress and muscle pain. It has been practiced for a very long time and has been effective in doing its purpose. For that reason, there has been many different methods of massage therapy that will help in the rejuvenation of your body.

Although there are no solid scientific proofs on the health benefits of massage therapy, this complementary medicine has been a traditional way of healing a person. Today, scientists are still studying the benefits of a massage therapy and how it works on a person’s body.

Massage therapy is an old practice of alternative healing which dates back from Greece, China, Japan, Egypt, India and the Arabic nations for a thousand years now. It has been known that by “rubbing” the body of a person you can release its bad energy and replenish its lost energy with the healthy ones.

Although anyone can rub their body or other people’s body to make them relax, it is advised that you only seek professional service when it comes to massage therapy as there are certain risks if the person doing it is not knowledgeable in this field. Professional massage therapists are trained, skilled, and experienced individuals who knows the anatomical system of the human body and knows exactly where to rub, knead, and press. They are also aware that not all people are approved for a massage therapy as individuals with health problems should consult first with their doctors to avoid any medical complication. They will also guide you on how to prepare your body before you undergo on a massage therapy.

During a massage therapy of any method, the patient is asked to lie on a padded massage table with his or her clothes removed. Most of the times the patients are told to keep their undergarments on or a loose towel if they feel uncomfortable before and during the massage therapy session. The massage therapist then uses either oil or lotion to cover the patient’s skin as a lubricant before he or she starts doing all of the necessary massage strokes for that session. A massage session depends on how long you want it to be although some massage parlors and spas only give you the liberty to choose from 40 to 90 minutes. This varies though from where you get your massage therapy.

There are studies that show that a massage therapy really benefits the patients especially those that have muscle pains. It is known to remove back pains, muscle cramps, spasms, and sprains as well as relieving your body from stress and fatigue. This is why it has been so popular and became a weekly activity among most Americans and people all around the world. After an hour or few minutes of massage, you will feel that your body is refreshed and you will feel light as you will be free from all the stress from a hard day’s work.

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