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Houston TMJ dentists want people to know that this joint consists of two bones that work together to make your mouth movable. Both sides connect from the skull to the lower jaw and are in front of the ears on the right and left side of the head. It is lined with cartilage and this allows it to work in a smooth manner whenever one is speaking, eating, yawning, or using the mouth for any reason.

TMJ describes any condition where the joint itself is not operating correctly and causing anything from mild to excruciating pain to the patient. Any type of problem that falls within the scope of the jaw and this joint is referred to under the umbrella term. Any type of problem that results from the teeth not aligning properly or the jaw not operating smoothly is covered.

The symptoms can range from mild to moderate pain to a noise that is described by many as a sound that mimics clicking and can be felt and heard in the ear, jaws, and teeth. It can also feel as though one is suffering from a locked jaw because of their inability to open their mouth all the way. This restriction can also leave a person with a jaw that is open and will not close, or they may find that the bone has dislocated to the point where it will not open. If a person feels as if they too may have this problem, then you should contact the Houston TMJ dentists.

While researchers have indicated that is not clear how many people actually are suffering with this, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of evidence to support that women are nearly twice as likely to suffer this condition as men. Luckily, for the vast majority of patients, this is not a problem that leads to something that is chronic, and it eventually is found to be only temporary and can be handled by the dedicated Houston TMJ dentists quite easily.

Houston TMJ dentists know that this is the caused by the cartilage wearing down, and this allows for nerve ending exposure. There are a lot of factors that could be involved but the medical community is conflicted on saying for sure what causes it. It can be caused by behavioral and psychological activities such as grinding ones teeth at night, which puts an unknown amount of pressure on both the jaw and the teeth and can result in malocclusion. A severe injury to the jaw can also lead to this condition. While there may be other factors such as heredity that lead to this disorder, it cannot be accurately ascertained if this is the case or not.

Houston TMJ dentists want people to know that there are some simple things that one can do if they know that they have this problem to help alleviate the symptoms that onset if the disorder can cause, such as making sure that, while eating, you are using both sides of your mouth to chew your food. If you favor one side, this puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on it and can cause the problem or make the problem worse. If one is aware that they grind their teeth or suffer from this condition known as bruxism, then they should discuss this with their professional dental healthcare provider. There are devices that can be worn at night to minimize the risk associated with this condition, as well as medications that can be taken to help ease the tendency for someone to gnash their teeth at night.

Houston Dentist is an expert in cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dental teeth procedures and Houston TMJ Dentists.

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Author Bio: Houston Dentist is an expert in cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dental teeth procedures and Houston TMJ Dentists.

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