Bumper Sticker Wars and the Mr. Bojangles of American Politics

Democrat apologists seems to be favoring the \”Poor Baby\” approach — \”poor us, we Had It All in Obama and then magically he became… well…not-Obama.\”

Pooh and piffle. To mourn the demise of the \’real\’ Obama is to seek a ghost. It never existed.

Obama came into office a third-rate ambulance chaser shoved into the first rank because of his youth and his black skin by his Communist, anti-Christian, and multiculturalist handlers . Once you get past his slick epidermis that keeps the rain out and down below his dermis that holds his body organs together, you search in vain for a backbone.

He was elected on White Slave Guilt and by levering blacks out of their victim-induced ideological stupor just long enough to push a ballot lever.

That will never again occur because the blacks who voted for Mr. O. expected a return on investment and didn\’t get it, and because election by whites of a black man to the most powerful post on the planet has at a stroke erased the White Slave Guilt that fueled their interest in him.

When Whitey elects Blacky to this high an office, where\’s the the \”victim\” now?

Obama, his fellow Dems and their handlers are desperate to avoid running against Herman Cain because they won’t be able to play their race card.

The president’s continual appeals to leftist special interests, and the blatant racism he condones among the union goons and anti-Americans who support him, not to mention the violence of the ‘occupier’ protestors embraced by Pelosi, Reed, and other Democrats, which Mr. Obama refuses to repudiate, is summed up neatly in bumper images of a black elephant and brown donkey bearing the caption:


His first two years versus the 2101 debacle has illuminated Mr. Obama\’s egregious ineptitude at passing legislation without owning Congress and thereby being able to lock the conference room doors against voters. His sorry cronyism is perfectly mirrored in the new bumper sticker


Moreover, since Democrat politics are always the politics of race, and since Hispanics have moved past blacks to become the new American Minority of Choice, liberal/progressives are a lot less eager to enfold black concerns within their mantle of Eternal Victimization.

Liberal/progressive Democrat attempts to fasten upon the backs of the Hispanic community their traditional \”Racial Victimization\” mantle has largely been met by Hispanics — to their eternal credit! — with an upraised finger and a cry for jobs.

Obama\’s incumbency is merely that of a Chicago political wheel-horse writ large. His speeches are a series of sleazy socialist rants aimed at the Limousine Left, and his greatest contribution to this nation is to show real Americans what happens when you run this country according to political correctness.

So now he wants four more years to cement his socialism? Now he\’s got to run on HIS record rather than Bush\’s? He\’s trashed our credit, turned our Justice Department into a racist haven for criminal aliens, and installed his czars to \”get around Congress.\”

We see this, Mr. O. And we\’ll take care of you and your fellow racist, socialist loons in 2012.

In the meantime, as you try to explain away your sorry record, \”dance, Mr. Bojangles, dance.\”

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