Chihuahua Puppies: How to Find the “Pick of the Litter”

Well, you have the first part of the process settled. You found a reputable breeder with a litter of Chihuahua puppies that are waiting for loving homes. Should you just pick one at random? Of course not, every puppy is different and finding one that matches your own personality is important. The breeder may be able to point out the best puppy for your needs, but there are tests you can do on your own.

Aside from picking your personality match, you should be sure that you are selecting a healthy pet. Obviously, if you are using a top-notch breeder, then they will most likely be offering 100% healthy Chihuahua puppies, but it doesn’t hurt to know what to look for. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should be looking for in your new pet.


Chihuahuas are social dogs by nature. The temperament of your pet will largely depend on its lines, meaning the parent’s temperament. This is why choosing a reputable breeder is important, as they tend to breed animals with the best behavior traits. However, as with any breed, every Chihuahua puppy will have its own personality and quirks.

Dog personalities are normally divided into four categories, which are normal, independent, dominant and submissive. Here are some tests you can perform in the breeders home to determine the personality of each animal. Just remember that there is no pass/fail grade, and different personalities will suit different owners.

Restrain the puppy gently for 30 seconds

– Fights for a few seconds and submits: Normal

– Cries or fight throughout: Dominant or Independent

– Lays there quietly the whole time: Submissive

Cradle the Chihuahua under its chest and lift it for 20 seconds

– Briefly struggles, then gives up and looks around: Normal

– Struggles throughout: Dominant or Independent

– Just hangs in your arms: Submissive

Tap your leg and try to get the dog to follow you

– Follows as you walk: Normal

– Ignores you: Independent

– Runs at you and nips your shoe: Dominant

– Remains stationary or follows with tail between the legs: Submissive

Kneel on the floor and gently call the puppy

– Comes right over: Normal

– Comes, but nips at you: Dominant

– Ignores you: Independent

– Comes with body crouched along the ground: Submissive

Rattle your keys to get his attention

– Comes over to check it out: Normal

– Comes over but pounces on you or the keys: Dominant

– Ignores you: Independent

– Comes cautiously but with tail between legs: Submissive

A puppy scoring “normal” on nearly all tests would be great for a large family, especially those with young children. A dominant or independent puppy will need an assertive owner to train him. A submissive Chihuahua would do best in a laid-back, quiet home.


If you find a reputable breeder to buy from, then it’s safe to assume that the animals offered are of sound health. However, doing a quick inspection of your own can’t hurt.

Here are some tips for determining if your Chihuahua puppy is healthy:

– Eyes are free of discharge, bright and shiny, without traces of yellow or red.

– Nose is free of discharge, and is moist.

– Ears are free of odor, and are clean.

– Gums are clean and a light pink color.

– Teeth are white.

– No signs of vomiting or coughing.

– Pads and paws should be clean.

– Coat is soft, clean and shiny.

– The perfect ratio of body fat is when you can feel, yet not see the ribs.

– No signs of fleas, typically characterized by excessive scratching.

Once you settle on a puppy, take it to your personal veterinarian for a full check up. Many contracts have a 48-hour guarantee, where you can return your puppy for a refund if any health issues are discovered.

For chihuahua training and care tips be sure to visit Facts About Chihuahuas the home of the free chihuahua training newsletter

For chihuahua training tips be sure to visit the home of the free chihuahua training newsletter

Author Bio: For chihuahua training and care tips be sure to visit Facts About Chihuahuas the home of the free chihuahua training newsletter

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