Dental Implants is the Best Solution For Lost Teeth

A dental implant is an artificially planted tooth. The teeth are planted by periodontists on the bridge where a natural tooth has been removed. This procedure is suitable for people who have good oral health, but have lost teeth as a result of an illness or ordinary accident. Although dental implants involve complicated techniques, the procedure is better than traditional bridgework. The implants are not dependent on the adjacent teeth for their support.

The dental implants feel and look so natural that you will almost forget that you had even lost a tooth. The appearance of your teeth affects your professional and personal confidence. Many people don’t feel secure with their dentures so they try to hide them when talking or smiling, thereby affecting their confidence. In addition, chewing may be a big problem when you have lost a tooth. Luckily, the implants provide a solution that will restore your smile, chewing abilities and speaking habits back to normal. When the teeth are placed by professional periodontists and given the right care, they can feel and look like your original ones. In addition, recent research has shown that the teeth can last for a lifetime.

What do dental implants do?

– Replacement of removed teeth without disturbing the adjacent teeth.

– Prop up a bridge and remove the necessity for removable partial dentures.

– Facilitate support for dentures, thereby making them more comfortable and secure.

The Kinds of Implants in Use Today:


This is currently the most popular kind of implant in use today. The new tooth is fixed onto the bone. The implants consist of cylinders, screws and blades. All of them are surgically placed onto the bone. Implants are an option for patients who have removable dentures and bridges.


These tooth implants are placed on the jaw. Thy come with metal framework posts that project past the gum to attach to the prosthesis (fake tooth). This kind of implant is used by patients who are incapable of conventional dentures or those with minimal bone height.

The Benefits of having dental implants:

Dental implants provide the best solution for missing teeth. Below are some of the benefits of having dental implants.

– Beauty: The implant is placed right in the jawbone and gum where the missing tooth was situated. This helps in preventing gum recession and bone loss that is commonly experienced in other teeth solutions such as dentures and bridgework. In fact, it is difficult for others to tell that you have ever had teeth replacements.

– Sparing teeth: The implants are independent of the neighboring teeth. This implies that the quality of the adjacent teeth will not be affected. Unlike other teeth procedures that alter the quality of the neighboring teeth to provide support to the new set such as bridge, this procedure leaves the rest of your teeth unaffected. This is definitely a major benefit to your oral health.

– Confidence: The implants make it possible for the patients to be capable of chewing and eating with great comfort. The teeth feel safe and stronger than the annoying wobbles and clicks experienced with dentures. The patients are also provided with an opportunity to forget about the messy pastes and glues as well as misplaced dentures.

– Reliability: Dental implants are highly rated. They are a perfect option when it comes to teeth replacement.

The right candidates for dental implants are people in generally good health. In addition, the patients’ oral health is also to be in good condition. Healthy gums and an adequate jawbone are also required before undergoing the procedure. If you think that you are a suitable candidate and you require such a procedure, find yourself a good periodontist.

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