Finding a Happy Medium

There are countless Americans out of work and fruitlessly hunting for a job. There are at least an equal number underemployed. The poverty rate everywhere is soaring. For most families it is a battle just to make ends meet. This is true even if a family member has a job as it probably doesn\’t pay enough to cope with inflation even on the necessities of life. For decades now it has taken two incomes to sustain a family and now even the dual income family falls short of the goal to meet its needs. .

Hourly employees are aware that business is bad and employers are cutting hours and in extreme cases laying people off. Those fortunate enough to have a job work extra hard to impress their bosses with their value so these evils don\’t befall them, but layoffs and shorter working hours are becoming the norm no matter how impressive the worker may be.

Those people in salaried jobs are a little better than their hourly brethren as at least they know how much money to expect every month. Knowing that allows them to budget more accurately in order to make ends meet. This does have its downside however.

The truth is lots of salaried workers make less money than the hourly workers. Employers like having salaried people in their company because no matter how many hours they put in every month, their remuneration is the same. This can be a double whammy to a salaried person because they never have time off to see their kids play that important soccer game or take them to a football game.

Working life has always been something of a vicious circle. When we work an hourly job we get sent home early and can see our families for once but we don\’t work enough hours to pay for the bare necessities, let alone a family hockey outing. As salaried workers, we make enough to support the family but have no time for the family hockey outing. There has got to be a better way.

Now, thanks to new technology we can have the perfect compromise. We can choose to start our own business, and with the right software and support we can be very successful. Because online business is booming so much, running our own business online would allow us to be able to make enough money to be able to pay all the bills and still give us the option of being there for every dinner and every little league game.

Most people put their family first and a major part of this is ensuring they have food to eat and a house to live in. It can be very difficult to strike a balance between work and home. Being your own boss gives you the luxury of a flexible work schedule so you can finally manage that precarious balancing act.

More people are seeing the light of operating their own online business and making it a success. With the appropriate software and the right kind of support, anyone can create and maintain a successful online business venture. We don\’t have to sweat over bills and how much we take home weekly because finally how much we earn depends on our own merit, not the whims of a boss or a funky economy.

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