How to Maintain a Laptop Screen

If you are a heavy laptop user, this only means that anything wrong with your laptop can rearrange your schedule. However, problems may arise if your laptop screen has dust, dirt or smudges. This is why you need to clean it up regularly before it would be too hard to remove the dirt off the screen.

Even if the damage starts off as a minor one, this might leave you with a permanent damage on your screen. It may turn your screen black. What’s worse is that those minor scratch marks, smudges or black patches may damage the screen completely. This means that you might need to spend more on the LCD screen of your laptop, which means more expense.

LCD Screen Care

As a responsible laptop owner, you should know how to clean its laptop screen. There are several ways of doing this cleaning and maintaining its shine. However, some people think that they can clean the screen in whatever way they want to do it. This is not the case though because it might leave more damage to the screen. Instead, you should use a buffer for the cleaning. This is a handy buffer that can even be used as your mouse pad. A laptop screen buff only needs to be swiped once on the screen and the cleaning is already done.

Finger prints can also damage the screen or the LCD panel. When you clean these smudges up, do not use rough cloths or paper towel in the process. The rough texture of the cloth might cause more damage to the screen. Instead of removing the finger prints, this might leave a permanent scratch on the LCD screen. This may happen because pieces and bits of dust may have already gathered on the rough cloth or paper towel, which can leave a scratch the screen.

Protection Shield

A scratch mark on the screen may be an eye sore which can annoy you eventually. The screen can be protected by a laptop bullet proof shield. This can stop dust and dirt from directly landing on the screen. But there are other options that you can do if you do not want to use any protection shield to cover the laptop screen. Here are some tips that you can use:

– Use only alcoholic screen cleaners, but make sure that you know how much to use and how to apply them.

– Do not use ammonia in cleaning your screen or any part of the LCD. This can cause a yellowish tint on your computer.

– Do not spray the cleaning mixture to the LCD screen. Doing so may damage the other parts of the computer which should have remained dry.

– Cover the spray with a clean cloth before you spray it into the cotton cloth that you will use in cleaning the laptop screen. Do it softly and evenly.

Damaging the Screen

The laptop screen is quite sensitive. Poke it and you will possibly damage it already. Do not point any sharp objects to the LCD screen whatever you are doing. Moreover, use it with great care. This way, you can also avoid having your screen examined and repaired by computer professionals. For laptop screen repair, you can also call technical support Hertfordshire.

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