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Oral conscious sedation, which is also known as relaxation dentistry, involves the type of method which helps patients cope better with having procedures done through the use of sedatives that are credited for reducing the anxiety sometimes associated with these types of treatments and dental fear.

This is not like other forms of pain relief, such as general anesthesia. When using general anesthesia, the patient is unconscious. However, with oral conscious sedation, you are able speak and respond to all of the questions that the dentist may ask you. Usually, this is administered to the patient before the appointment with instructions to take it before the appointment time on the same day. For children, they may be given the liquid form, and their parents will be instructed to administer it on the same day before the initial appointment.

People who may see the greatest benefit from oral conscious sedation are those that fear needles, have a dental fear, a history of troubled experiences with dental professionals, are difficult to numb, have a very touchy gag reflex, have painful gums or teeth, have sensitive teeth, have problems controlling movement as part of the symptoms of disease, and those who want to have multiple procedures done during the same appointment.

Some other benefits include the way it is administered which is almost always orally and without needles. This is a very safe and low cost option for sedation. A con to this type of relaxation technique would be that you cannot drive to and from your appointment because you will be unable to operate machinery for 24 hours after taking the pill or oral liquid.

Your professional, of course, will have to find out what other medications that you are currently taking, and do a thorough background on you before administering this type of relaxation drug. You cannot eat or drink for 12 hours prior to the appointment. You will take your medication one hour prior to the scheduled appointment time.

You will be assessed before they begin any procedures to see if you might benefit from additional oral conscious sedation. For most procedures, you will also receive a numbing agent in the mouth since the pill does not provide any numbing of the area.

Throughout the procedure, you will be consistently monitored to ensure that your blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen level are within acceptable limits and that you are not in any danger. You may even feel sleepy and fall asleep during the procedure. Imagine being so relaxed that you sleep through an otherwise scary procedure at the dentist’s office!! Even though you are conscious enough to comply with instructions during the procedure, it is sometimes a fact that some people do not remember the procedure once it is over with and done.

After the procedure, you will be accompanied back to your home to relax by the person that brought you in and is responsible from taking you home. You will rest for the rest of the day. Oral conscious sedation has made dental fears a thing of the past for those patients that had severe dental anxiety.

Houston Dentist is an expert in cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dental teeth procedures and oral conscious sedation.

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Author Bio: Houston Dentist is an expert in cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dental teeth procedures and oral conscious sedation.

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