Installing Shutters For Windows

Most shutters for windows should come with all the instructions and components necessary for installation by the buyer. Companies may include installation as an optional extra, but this comes at a price and the process is simple enough that you should be able to do it yourself without too much trouble.

Shutter width and positioning

The majority of shutters for windows purchased in this country will be decorative – that is, simply intended for their aesthetic appeal rather than to be closed against the elements. This is because most windows in the UK are shorter and wider than those in Mediterranean countries, and are not deeply recessed. It is also harder to operate shutters for windows that open outwards. However, if you are installing operable shutters, precise positioning is vital, since they must meet exactly in the middle when closed for the catch to work and for them to look right. This actually makes installation simpler in some ways, because there is no choice in the matter.

For decorative shutters for windows, positioning is not so important since they do not need to close. This means there is more leeway in where to mount them on the wall. Some people prefer their shutters to be positioned close to the glass; others like to leave a gap to show some brickwork in between the shutter and the window. This is a matter of personal taste – although it can be a good idea to check other houses in the area to see whether there is a local convention and, of course, the look needs to be uniform across all the shutters for windows on your house.

Marking and drilling

The first step is to mark the position of the shutters for windows to which you want to affix them. To start with, position the shutter against the window and mark the wall around the corners with something easily visible like chalk or crayon. This is so that you can find the same place again easily if you slip whilst marking the holes to drill. Note that you should not use a spirit level, but position the shutters by eye (perhaps asking another person to give you their opinion while you hold them). This is because not all windows – especially on older houses – are square, and so you could end up having a perfectly vertical shutter that nevertheless looks askew.

Once you are content that the shutter is in the right position, check the surface into which you will be drilling: it is best that this is brick, rather than wood, soft sandstone or a similar material. Of course, you need to avoid any cables or other obstructions. You may need reposition shutters for windows with old or crumbling trim. Take the shutter down and drill holes in the four corners – usually three or four inches from each edge. You can then reposition the shutter using the original corner marks, and mark the wall through the holes. Drill the holes for the shutters with the appropriate drill bit (a masonry bit, if you are drilling into stone or brick). Don’t forget to drill holes slightly smaller than the wall fittings, otherwise they will not fit snugly and will come loose.

Finally, you can fix shutters for windows to the wall using screws and the shutter spikes or similar fittings (such as Rawlplugs) provided. These fit into the holes in the brickwork and fasten the shutter on firmly. Shutters are not too heavy but it can be awkward to hold it with one hand and fasten it to the wall with the other. A useful trick is adjusting the height of the ladder so that you can rest the shutter on top of it. Alternatively, you can hold it in place temporarily by pushing a nail through the hole in the shutter into the hole in the wall, taking the weight while you screw in the other fixings.

This article about installing shutters for windows was supplied by director of Simply Shutters, Paul Millar. Simply Shutters are members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen and based in Suffolk, UK.

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Author Bio: This article about installing shutters for windows was supplied by director of Simply Shutters, Paul Millar. Simply Shutters are members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen and based in Suffolk, UK.

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