P90X Resistance Bands – Are They Any Good for the Power 90 Extreme Workout

If you are serious about discovering more about the P90X resistance bands, then grab a chair and take a few minutes scanning this quick review.

Over the following few sentences, we are going to be discussing a few of the advantages and drawbacks of the P90X exercise bands. Incidentally, Product Partners the merchant that promotes these strength tubing additionally markets them as the B lines resistance bands. If you can, keep that in your mind as you peruse this article due to the fact we will interchange both names.

If you happen to thinking about undertaking the power 90 extreme work out and are also planning to decide whether or not you should purchase dumbells or training tubes, in that case this review will help you when making that choice too.

First, why don\’t we talk about some of the advantages of the Beach Body exercise bands:

1. Can be used in the P90x work out or any other at home working out.

2. The tensile strength it offers is extremely small therefore it is only good for first-timers

3. They are quite inexpensive

4. Easily transportable

5. They don\’t take up a lot of space

The Stuff We Don\’t like

1. You don\’t get a great deal of resistance

2. No warranty of any kind

3. Inability to attach multiple tubes to one handle

4. Their two most popular sets only come with three bands or tubes.

While are expectations of this product were high really disappointed with the fact that their systems lack many of the features that you would want in a quality set up workout tubes or bands. For example, while the product is modestly priced it does not include a door anchor. The door anchor is a very useful feature that allows you to attach the bands to any door or even a fence. As a result, you can use it like an expensive piece of gym equipment and perform many more exercises. If you don\’t have this attachment you will be very limited in the number of movements that you be able to perform.One way around this is to purchase a pull up bar and then you can throw the two over the pull up bar and in this fashion perform some additional exercises. Even so, this is still not as powerful as having a door attachment.

One of the huge disadvantages is that this product does not come with any kind of defects warranty. Other than the 30 day money back guarantee you\’re pretty much left on your own. This is really important because when you purchase fitness tubes like any other product you would want them to last for a while. But when it comes to elastic as you almost certainly already know, before too long it will lose its flexibility or tensile potency.

Which means that from repeated use you\’re really getting a lesser amount of tension in comparison with when the product was new. Some of the superior companies will substitute the product if it should ever lose the tensile strength, snap and even break. Normally, they do this with virtually no extra fee although sometimes they may charge you a small amount of money for postage. In any case it is still cheaper than being forced to purchase a new set of strength tubes.

Whether you decide to work with hand weights or the P90X resistance bands on your power 90 extreme work out or any other kind of exercise program, keep these tips in your mind so you get your full money\’s value.

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