The Process of Dental Implants

Dental implants can be best referred to as artificial or fake teeth that are used to replace missing teeth that a person may have lost. When it comes to implants, it is always best and recommended to use implants that are made of metal. The preferred metal is usually titanium as this metal blends really well with the jawbone. The procedure involved in dental implants is complex and requires each step to be taken one by one and to ensure that from start to finish, the patient is happy and walks away with a happy smile. The whole procedure is a process that requires not only the expertise of a surgical dentist who will be responsible for the dental implants, but also requires the help and experience of the dentist who handles and is in charge of the restoration of the teeth.

The process of implementing these implants is a 2-step process that is carried out separately with there being a gap of at least three months between the processes. The first stage is the dental implant surgery which involves the placement of the implants on the jawbone of the patient. This starts with administering anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain whatsoever. Once the anesthesia has taken its effect, a small cut is made on the tissue of the gum, which leads to the jawbone being exposed. Once that is done, a small drill is used to make into the bone so that the site of the bone where the implant is to be put is prepared. The metal dental implant is then twisted and made sure that it is in the right place. After that, it is very important to close the gum with several stitches while the opening in the bone is covered for the 3 months to ensure it can be healed.

Restoration of the dental implant is the second stage, which is performed after a break of 3 months. This requires the help of the restorative dentist who places a crown on the top of the implant. Before moving onto the second process, the surgical dentist examines the implant and if it is firmly held, another hole is punctured and a metal cylinder is attached. Once this is adjusted in its place, the dentist measures the size of the artificial tooth and the false tooth is then constructed. While the tooth is being constructed, a temporary tooth is implanted.

Both the processes are simple and very easy to master. If the jawbone is not suitable to have dental implants implemented, the jawbone is reshaped so that it becomes easier for the jawbone to have the dental implants. The time taken to complete each process varies from individual to individual and is based on the health and physical condition of the person.

There have been cases when the false tooth is restored on the final day of surgery and this process takes much less time and ensures that the patient has a nice smile that he can be content with.

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