Types of Pashmina Shawls

Often times, the clothing manufacturers use the term Pashmina in order to describe the ultra-thin Cashmere fiber. However, the Pashmina have a deeper meaning that most people eventually misconceived as time passes by. Since a lot of promotions and other products have been released in the market so determining and knowing the real history behind the items name and raw material is not on the top of every individual’s priority when purchasing a particular material. There are different types of Pashmina clothing apparel and accessories that has been traditionally used by both men and women in Kashmir as well as in India. Choices greatly vary depending on the size, type as well as on the actual parameter of the clothing apparel. The traditional Pashmina scarf often comes with sizes of 12 by 60 inches or 0.30 by 1.5 in meters; while the fully sized wrap or shawl comes in sizes of 28 by 80 inches or 0.71 by 2.0 in meters up to a full sized stole of 36 by 80 inches or 0.91 by 2.0 in meters.

There are also other types that are indicated as men’s apparel such as the Pashmina Macho with size of approximately 12 by 12 feet or 3.7 by 3.7 meters. Some Pashmina Shawls are created out of the most authentic wool product from the goats of Himalayas in Nepal, China, as well as in India and some wool products are those that have been a combination between the actual Pashmina wool and silk. Some are also combined with the viscose material which is being introduced as an authentic wool product, but in reality it is just mere imitation in order to replace the Pashmina from changthangi goats. This viscose material often comes from sources like the traditional farm goats and not from the indigenous Himalayan goats. So what makes this indigenous goat different from the other farm goats? The answer to that is simple, the quality of wool fiber being produced by the Himalayan goats are of superior quality as compared to that being produced by an ordinary farm goat.

The reason for such difference is the fact that the development of a superior type of wool fiber by the indigenous goats has been triggered by the cold environment of the Himalayas. Therefore, resulting into a thicker, lighter, softer but relatively warmer type of wool since the wools serves as their main line of protection from the cold weather. As compared to the wools of the ordinary farm goats which appears to have a more rough texture and thicker fibers which makes it’s not ideal as a material for Pashmina Shawls.

At present a lot of newly innovated Pashmina clothing apparels have been introduced to the market, items such as scarf, designer shawls, and wrap are being marketed at a very reasonable price. What’s even more desirable about these Pashmina Shawls is that it comes with different style, designs, texture, and size as well as in color. There are a lot of different colors, type and styles to select from depending on the actual preference and stipulation of every customer.

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