Using Dental Resin Onlays

Dental resin onlays began to get much better around the turn of the century. Dentistry began to better understand the needs of people, and they adapted to what the patient’s necessities were. Science and technology came to the rescue and helped to make this transformation complete within the last 100 years. In the beginning, silver amalgam fillings were used anytime there was damage that needed to be filled because of a cavity or part of the tooth was missing.

This was the treatment that continued for years. Many people still have these types of fillings in their teeth to this day. Of course with the advances that have been made, if you are one of these people with the older silver amalgam fillings, you can always opt to have them removed and replaced with dental resin onlays. These are one of the options that you have when you are looking for something to not only enhance the aesthetics of your smile but to preserve your oral hygiene as well.

The old fillings are simply ugly because they look like cavities themselves. They are and were very easy to detect because of this. They also can get bigger or shrink because of eating something extremely hot or cold, and this, over time, will cause damage such as cracking and chipping to the tooth. These types of fillings will also naturally start to break down over time, and this will cause the seal to let in bacteria that causes cavities. If the decay gets really bad, then there will be a need to have a crown placed on it, and this is an additional cost that could be avoided if you replace these fillings with dental resin onlays.

The old type of silver amalgam fillings also have a tendency to stain the teeth leaving them with dull gray spots. The newer options do not promote any type of staining.

Dental resin onlays form a bond that adheres to the tooth. With this type of procedure, your tooth is made good as new. You also will not lose as much of the material in the center of the tooth by opting for this type of treatment as opposed to the old fillings. By making them stronger, you are limiting the chances that they will need reparation procedures in the future because they will resist cracking or chipping and breaking.

Dental resin onlays are much better for your oral health as well. These are placed well over the gum line. This means there is no chance of irritation to the gums. These also contain fluoride that will aid in the fight against cavities that can sometimes occur around the edges of older types of fillings.

This type of procedure is done with your cosmetic benefit in mind because these will match your original tooth color. It blends in perfectly making it hard to detect where you had the work done. This means that you can smile with confidence and know that your secret is safe from those who see your smile.

Houston Dentist is an expert in cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dental teeth procedures and dental resin onlays.

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Author Bio: Houston Dentist is an expert in cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dental teeth procedures and dental resin onlays.

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