What is Teeth Malocclusion

What is teeth malocclusion? It means a bite that isn’t hitting correctly or it isn’t aligned properly. It results from your teeth not being in alignment or fitting together when you chew or bite down. Many times, this is a genetic trait that people inherit from their family. They may be too big when they come in, and this means that they will either grow in crooked or crowded and be forced to turn sideways or protrude outward. This is usually the reason for this condition.

Teeth malocclusion can sometimes be caused by other things such as accidents. In an accident, one can be knocked out of the socket or loosened. This means that the others that depend on that one or a group of them will now begin to move and shift because of the gap created. Now the once straight and aligned ones have moved into this type of situation.

Children can sometimes develop bad habits like sucking their thumbs or chewing on objects which can cause the teeth, over time, to grow in out of alignment. This will cause them to shift and move. Gum disease and other problems such as this can also cause them to move.

There are as many types of this condition as there are causes for it. If there is a natural over bite or under bite that is caused from the upper or lower jaws extending out too far, then teeth may grow in out of alignment because of insufficient space to grow in correctly. It then forms a domino effect. The first one is crowded which crowds the next, and so on and so forth, until you are left with all of them being a teeth malocclusion. Having one missing will cause this to happen as well. Once one is extracted, the bone recedes, the gum shrinks, and the others begin to shift toward the vacant hole that was left behind.

Patients who have teeth malocclusion need to have it corrected as soon as is feasible for them because this can severely affect the life of them and the general health of the mouth. If they are crowded, then they are more prone to cavities because it will be more difficult to clean them than it would be if they were adequately spaced. This type of a condition has also been reported to cause headaches and toothaches.

Teeth malocclusion has to be treated with orthodontic dental procedures which were once limited to only metal braces. These were clumsy, painful, and they had to be worn for up to two years for the full effect. Now there are other options that include braces that are made from plastics, and they are clear and not so easy to detect, plus they are removable. This means they are easier to clean, and they do not need to be worn nearly as long as their earlier metal counterparts which all add up to great news for anyone who may need to have braces in the near future.

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Author Bio: Houston Dentist is an expert in cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dental teeth procedures and teeth malocclusion.

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