Why Purchase Fragrance Lamps

Fragrance lamps provide us with aroma and perfume, the harbingers of calmness and relaxation. A captivating scent can induce relaxation in the most stressful situations, romance where there seems to be not a hint, and tranquility in the midst of turmoil. Oil fragrance lamps open up a new world of olfactory sensations and have become an integral part of interior design in this present day.

Effusion fragrance lamps are a much better option than candles or incense because they do not work with an open flame (for longer than 2-3 minutes) and they do not exude smoke. They work on catalytic burner technology that was developed in the late 1800\’s to purify the air of airborne bacteria. Heated by flame until a determined heat level is reached, after which the flame is snuffed out and the burner continues with heat regeneration. The distinctive vessel that contains the scented oil is set upon the burner so that it heats the oil and the continuous bouquet flows throughout your home or office. The awesome bonus is that it is an air purifier system as well-how wonderful is that?

It is important to note that the fragrance lamp provides not only calming and spiritual overtones, but also plays an important role in aromatherapy or the therapeutic use of perfumes and scents to enhance one’s quality of life. The simple task of freshening the air has been extended with the introduction of lovely and sensual oils which provide long hours of aromatherapy.

There are no worries about leaving them unattended in the home or office because there is no flame to be concerned about. No matter how long they are left, there is no waxy burned smell such as snuffed candles leave behind. All that is emitted is a lovely and titillating scent of relaxation and warmth. There are so many beautifully decorative fragrance jars available that will blend and fit with any decor which are lovely to the eye as the scent is pleasing to the senses.

The awesome bonus is that these effusion lamps are an air purifier system as well. They will even cut through and extinguish any of the strong odors caused by pets, cigar smoking, or cooking that sometimes take control of the air in the home. How wonderful is that?

The oils that are beginning to fill homes and offices today with aroma that seems to never end by this simple method can be a memorable and prestigious gift for fragrance adorers. These effusion lamps often come in containers that are a work of art in themselves and the esthetic quality is what makes them luxury fragrance lamps for both the visual and olfactory senses. Also considered to be safer and more children friendly than incense or candles, the absence of smoke is a true plus in itself. Fragrance lamps provide hours upon hours of never ending scents tiptoeing throughout the home or office.

You will want to purchase one for every room of your home and office. The great thing about it is you can locate the perfect fragrance lamp online through your favorite cigar shop, in beautiful and decorative styles. Give one as a personal gift of love and friendship, you can even throw a cigar gift basket together with being the most important items for the non-smokers in the home or office!

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