No Fault Divorce

If the breakdown of the marriage is due to difference that cannot be reconciled and the divorce relates to a situation where one party is not putting specific blame on the other party, then is referred to as no fault divorce.

No fault divorce is the commonest form of divorce and is the easiest for law firms and courts to deal with. It is therefore considerably less expensive for the parties involved. Importantly, the levels of stress that inevitably can occur are kept to a minimum meaning that within a short period of time both parties can get on with their lives.

Legislation relating to divorce is dealt with at state level; there is little federal involvement in the laws relating to divorce unlike most other matters and this has meant that it can vary by state. However, the divorce laws between states are fairly similar. Nonetheless, if you are in need of a divorce it is important you check out the relevant divorce laws for the state you reside in. If you and your spouse now reside in different states, it is wise to check out the laws for each state, so you can opt for getting divorced in a state that has the easier requirements and fewer criteria.

In the state of Virginia for example it is one of the easier states to file for divorce as there are few requirements. All that is necessary is that one of the parties to the divorce must have resided in the state for at least a period of six months and the couple must have been separated for six months. This time period increases to 12 months if minor children are involved.

If the divorce goes uncontested; that is to say both parties agree to the divorce and any property and financial issues are agreed, the court can agree to the divorce in a matter of weeks. In some instances, and for an extra fee, it is possible to get a divorce in one week.

If you opt for this quick divorce you need to ensure that you can provide the necessary proof to the court that you have resided in the state for at least six months and that you have been separated for the required period. If it is found that one or other is not the case, then the court will dismiss the case and costs will be incurred, both from the law firm and the court.

Often a no fault divorce can be completed without the need for either party to actually ever visit the offices of the appointed law firm; and it’s likely that neither will need to make a court appearance. This makes the divorce simpler and quicker and importantly it reduces the costs considerably.

Taking Virginia as an example again, the standard court costs for a no-fault divorce can be less than $100. Additionally, all the paperwork necessary for presentation to the court can be completed by the law firm for under $500. So, if the two parties are in agreement, you can get a no fault divorce for around $300 each.

by Jack Labens – Visit for uncontested divorce in Virginia. Click this link to visit Ephraim Law.

by Jack Labens – Visit for uncontested divorce in Virginia.

Author Bio: by Jack Labens – Visit for uncontested divorce in Virginia. Click this link to visit Ephraim Law.

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