How Double Chin Exercises Can Reduce Neck and Face Fat

A double chin refers to a subcutaneous fat surrounding your neck that tends to sag down while also creating a wrinkle which makes you appear like you have another chin. You can expect this to affect those who are dealing with obesity and the elderly. Note, however, that there are also instances when those with average or healthy weight encounter this problem. This will be dependent upon the amount of your loose skin and your bone structure.

It should be noted that there are a few factors that may cause you to have a double chin. Aside from being obese and overweight, this is also triggered by sagging facial muscles, excessive intake of calories and genetics. You can effectively deal with this problem by performing exercises that are effective in tightening your facial, neck and jaw muscles and by monitoring your diet.

If you have double chin and you are uncomfortable with it, then be aware that there are a few exercises that can eliminate it that are also useful in getting rid of excess fats around your neck and face. These exercises are effective not only in reducing or completely eliminating your double chin but also in toning the flagging muscles surrounding your neck.

If you are one of those who visit the gym regularly, then it is greatly possible that you already know how important it is to work out the muscles around the specific area where excess fats thrive in achieving your desired weight. This also holds true for the loose or excess fats around your neck. You can eliminate it by working out your neck muscles called platysma.

One of the most effective double chin exercises that can help you not only in eliminating double chin but also in removing your excess neck and face fat is head tilt. This works in tightening the skin and muscles surrounding your neck, so expect this area to receive its much needed workout.

To perform this exercise, you need to sit straight in a chair. Tilt back your head to begin facing the ceiling. Stay in that position and put your lips together. Form a round and puckered expression using your lips and stay in that position for a few seconds before relaxing. To get the most desirable results out of this exercise, you should perform 5-10 repetitions of it every session.

Another effective double chin exercise is the chin lifts. This works by strengthening the muscles and skin around your jaw and neck. The ability of chin lifts to effectively work out the area is a major help in toning down your neck and facial muscles so removing excess fats around the area is possible. Just make sure that you stop doing this routine if you experience pain around the area during the exercise. Seek the advice of your doctor first before performing the exercise again.

The neck roll is also a major help. Aside from the effectiveness of this exercise to eliminate your double chin and the excess fats in your neck and face, you can also expect it to work in toning and stretching out your throat, neck and jaw muscles. This is also effective in easing the pain that you experience around your shoulders and neck. Doing 5-10 repetitions of this exercise per session is a huge help in your attempt to enhance your neck and facial muscles.

Regularly performing double chin exercises and any other type of workout routines is definitely a huge help in toning and trimming down your entire body while also maintaining the proper functioning of your lymphatic and circulatory systems. You just have to regularly stretch the muscles around the problematic area and stay active so you can continue enhancing your physique while also preventing the accumulation of fat deposits especially in your chin, neck and face.

Know more about and keep a firm, great looking face. To learn more about it, visit

Know more about and keep a firm, great looking face. To learn more about it, visit

Author Bio: Know more about and keep a firm, great looking face. To learn more about it, visit

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