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Las Vegas Helicopters – The Best Going to Grand Canyon

If you want a Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas and you want to make it quick, I suggest going air only (versus landing). These flights cover the Canyon and everything else in between and at a price that can\’t be beat. The travel industry here in Las Vegas refers to this particular kind […]

Chapter 2: The World’s Shortest Negotiation Course (930 Words)

“Success does not depend on luck. It depends on forethought.” — Wo Fat, Hawaii 5-0 They have what you want. You have what they want. You decide to discuss the matter and come up with things you can do for them and them for you so you can both get what you want. There are […]

Thinking Ahead to Summer: What You Can Do Now to Prepare For Bikini Season

Springtime often inspires fresh starts and new beginnings. After the hectic holiday season comes to a close, people tend to shift their focus to cleaning out the clutter of winter and getting outdoors to enjoy the more pleasant weather. Like many women, you’re probably thinking ahead to bikini season. As the temperatures climb and you […]

Top Ten Ways To Blow A Date

Top Ten Ways to Blow A Date #1 1. Show up late. Don’t be a dork and show up for your meeting late. If you want to impress a girl, be punctual. Some women will walk out that door at 7:10 if you were supposed to be there at 7:00. It doesn’t make you look […]

Attract Women Game Plan

Too many men put the cart in front of the horse by worrying about what they are going to say to get a girl in the sack when in reality, they need to take a huge step back and focus on what they are bringing to a relationship. That’s why when a guy tells me […]

Find an Anti-Aging Solution in Your Refrigerator Or Kitchen Cupboards

Aging is an unavoidable reality that everyone must face, however it isn\’t necessary to always look one\’s age. Spending a fortune on cosmetic procedures is not the only option to looking more youthful, there are many affordable, natural ways to reduce the effects of aging on the skin that are readily available to most everyone […]

Peroxisomal Disorders: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Inherited disorders can be difficult to get rid of but the point is to find the underlying cause of the malady. Peroxisomal disorder is a genetic illness that occurs because of an absence of peroxisomal enzymes within the cells based on biochemical reactions. However, even though it is an inherited illness, it does not strike […]

Pierre Robin Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

An illness that manifests because of a series of events and features on the face is referred to as Pierre Robin Syndrome or PRS. This abnormality affects both the head and the face where the tongue is located further back into the mouth than normal. There is also an opening on the top lip or […]

Listeriosis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The Boomerang Effect When a disease is food borne it can affect any part of the body and especially pregnant women and people with low immune systems. The disease Listeriosis manifests because of a bacterial infection that is ingested through contaminated food where the organism travels to the intestines, causing severe infection. It is therefore […]

Hematuria: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

When red blood cells present themselves in the urine it could signal the illness called Hematuria. Causes and Symptoms If there is a trace of white blood cells in the urine, it could be UTI (urinary tract infection). There are two kinds of hematuria. One is the microscopic where the blood cannot be seen by […]