Raising Peacocks Successfully: Ranchers Raising Peafowl Journey Into Great Profit

Our entrance into the world of Peacocks and Peafowl was quite accidental. I was busy raising specialty chickens and having fresh eggs and organic white meat on the table as part of our healthy lifestyle diet. Now I am a happy peacock farmer.

One of the first things we learned is that peacocks are known as peafowl and the peacock is the male, the peahen is the female and the peachick is the cutest little thing you have ever seen.

I share our experiences in incubation, cage requirements, transporting, and care of peacocks in a book, “So You Want to Raise Peacocks.” The learning experiences this year alone have been incredible. Learning to incubate and hatch eggs, transporting live adult birds and setting up their peacock habitat has been incredible.

The striking differences between chickens and chickens is in the response to the way people respond to the. Watching the male bird strut his stuff around the female is nothing short of fascinating. Kids love to get up close to see the beautiful detail in each feather.

My friends joked with me about the various careers that we can have to make the peacocks earn their own upkeep. I wrote a short article for a website and asked about careers and people had all kinds of input about keeping peacocks. Many were concerned about the noise factor.

So far the peacocks have been great and eat mostly scrap food and turkey grain. But the career advice was well taken and we are planning on how to incorporate a peacock photo resume as we harvest feathers for bridal bouquets. Well, all humor aside it is good to know that peacocks can have a career. For now we will focus on the selling of the special eggs and on raising little peachicks.

A pair of peachicks can run about $150 so it seems like it might be a good way to go, for those wanting to raise a little money in their back yards. My book tells about housing and how to plan for a pen, but right now they are in a smallish size coop that is the size of a single car garage. Our expert friends Okayed the coop and explained how to allow for free ranging. But most of all the careers intrigued me as a way to pay for food.

Here are some of the careers my friends came up with:

Movies and TV spots

Selling Feathers

Making Crafts

A Petting Zoo

All of these ideas are great and perhaps you will want to raise peacocks just for one of those reasons. Or, you may want to raise them just for fun. Whatever you do, take time to read and learn more about this fascinating bird.

One thing of importance is that in many parts of the world peacocks are roaming wild and free. With this freedom can be some destruction of people’s gardens and yards. In California recently, the wild birds were in the news, as reports of peacock killings in Rolling Hills Estates hit the media air waves. There have been over 50 killings in the past two years. Perhaps the sounds of mating birds drove someone insane? The birds can be seen in the trees, on top of garages and crossing the street. Evidently someone doesn\’t like the birds roaming free.

Some of you may ask, “What is next in your journey?” The answer is, (drumroll please) we want to raise peacocks in our backyard and have a variety of colors. We can sell the peachicks as pairs and the fertile eggs for over $10 an egg. White peacocks are elegant and may just be our next bird of choice! What would you do if you had a choice?

So You Wantto Raise Peacocks Peacocks Murdered in California Video: Peacocks Day One

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