6 Work From Home Ideas To Make Money In Australia

As we grow up, our friends, families and schools in Australia educate us to become employees. To get a Job. They also promote you to start your own business, which in essence is “owning” your job. What many people don’t know is that these aren’t the only two options. The other two options to make money are through:

– Running a company where you have employees or a system that you leverage off of to make money, o

– Investments where you leverage off the money invested to make additional money.

Why a home business?

There are many reasons why we look at working from home as another way of making an income, for example:

– Hating your job

– Wanting or needing to spend more time with family

– The feeling of dread at the instability of the current job market

– Wanting to control your own income – Determining your own worth

– Just needing extra cash to supplement your normal income

..and that’s only a couple of examples. Whatever your reason may be, the home business industry appeals to many people and has been proven to be a successful industry for thousands, even millions of hardworking people.

What is the RIGHT kind of home business for you?

Many people are sceptical of the home business industry and claim “it doesn’t work!”. However, the factor that doesn’t work in the home business is generally the people involved rather than the system, so before you venture into the world of home businesses, be very sure what type of person you are and what level of effort you are willing to invest to make your business successful.

There are basically two styles of home business. One is like a job where you get paid only for the effort you make. The second is a wealth building system where you do the work once and get paid again and again. In the list of employment ideas below, I have marked which are a “job” type and which are the “wealth” type to help you distinguish the difference.

1. Sell stuff (Job)

In Australia you can use sites like ebay and gumtree to sell your stuff. It can either be things you already own and want to get rid of, or you can start your own small ecommerce store by buying and selling items from online or local markets.

If you are a little more crafty, you could make your own items to sell. Jewellery, hand made crafts, furniture, paintings. Another great website for selling artwork and hand made artistic items is Etsy.

The drawback is that you only get paid for what you sell – for the work you put in. As soon as you stop working, the money will stop.

2. Tasks online (job)

There are websites where you can complete tasks for money or vouchers. You can:

– provide answers to questions on sites such as kgbanswers.com or ChaCha

– complete small tasks posted on sites like fiverr.com or Mturk.com.

– predict the rise and fall of markets, elections or financial assets on places like website intrade. Though really this is more gambling than skill.

– Take online surveys eg: mysurvey.net.au

3. Publish a book (wealth)

Write an ebook and publish it on the Amazon ekindle platform. Once published you get paid every time the book is sold, so to really build a high return it’s a good idea to write lots of books.

4. Websites and blogs (wealth)

Websites and blogs can make money through promoting affiliate products and links, or monetising it using google adsense. The trick with this is that the internet loves new content, so to keep your site successful, you need to continuously keep adding new content to keep people coming back. This is difficult to build in the beginning, but once established this can give you a steady stream of income.

5. Affiliate links (wealth)

Affiliate links are where you promote someone else’s product through advertising or on your website, and every time that product is sold you receive a commission. The reason this fits into the wealth type is because one ad or link placement may generate you a continuous stream of income and you only did that one piece of work.

6. Network Marketing (wealth)

Network marketing is by far my favourite method of building wealth. You find a product and company you like and want to promote. Then using a combination of marketing strategies (including some of the ones above such as blogs, websites and ebooks) you sell your products. Depending on the product you receive an ongoing commission for your customers. The best part of this strategy is that you also engage business partners who you train to do what you are doing and then receive commissions off of the customers they sign up. Once fully established, this type of business allows you to make very high incomes with very little ongoing maintenance thus providing full financial and time freedom.

Making money online is very possible and can be very rewarding, but requires your dedication and consistent effort to really make it pay. Something you should remember is if you are planning to build wealth rather than just having another job, the first year is all about building the groundwork and many people make no real money. That said, if you persevere you WILL make money – just don’t quit too soon. Wealth is about being paid in the long term. If you want money now, then you are better at keeping with the “jobs” or find a network company like mine that pays “now money” as well as the residual commissions.

The question is now, do you want a job? Or do you want wealth?

Kira-marie Laverty is an entrepreneur specialising in helping people create wealth through residual income. If you would like more information on how to build your own wealth, click Here

Kira-marie Laverty is an entrepreneur specialising in helping people create wealth through residual income. If you would like more information on how to build your own wealth, Go Here http://klaverty.toolsrock.com/mobile-index.html?id=2211

Author Bio: Kira-marie Laverty is an entrepreneur specialising in helping people create wealth through residual income. If you would like more information on how to build your own wealth, click Here

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