“I Feel Trapped in My Job” – My Story of How I Found a Plan B

My name is Kira and I live and work in Adelaide, South Australia. I’ve been working in my job now for the past 12 years and for too many of those years I have hated my job and felt like I’m trapped forever. Stuck in a never ending rut. No hope. No Joy.

My story isn’t unique and to be honest there are days that I look at my incredible life and berate myself for the desolation I feel at a job that so many others in the world would potentially kill for. You know – First World Problems. I’m really lucky to be who I am, live where I do and to work in a boring job – but it doesn’t stop me feeling bored, isolated and trapped.

The reason I’m sharing my story with you is not to whinge about my life but to tell others who feel the same way that there is hope. You don’t have to be trapped. You just need a Plan B!

So what is my work like?

Well my employer provides excellent conditions and benefits – so good in fact that I’ve been too scared to take any kind of action to leave this work place. What if I never find anywhere else as good as this? What if this is the best I could ever hope to have? It’s the age old story of being in such a comfortable place that even the pain of working there isn’t enough to move me. The pain has to get pretty darn bad before you can bring yourself to leave that comfort and security.

That’s the good part of my work. The bad is the office politics, policies and career stagnation I’ve experienced. For 4 years of my work life I worked in a temporary manager position – one that I had to apply for every year by writing an essay about my skills. I really quite enjoyed this role. But in the 5th year, my essay wasn’t good enough to even make to the first stage of consideration? The company doesn’t do “internal promotion” and suddenly my writing and experience was no longer good enough to keep my position and my subordinate was suddenly my boss. Great. I kept trying every year after improving every time, but every time I kept getting knocked back – apparently I was no longer good enough. So I kept plodding along. Every day getting more and more despondent until I found myself with severe depression which just made things worse at work.

Miss enough days due to “illness” and suddenly your whole personal life is everyone’s business. Sufficed to say I experienced the corporate version of invasion of privacy and discrimination – all in the name of my best interests. A year after it was all over the stigma still remains by those managers who knew all about my past. To make matters worse, I can’t get a fresh start by moving to a new area because “I’m too valuable to lose” and my other opportunities were blocked.

This has left me in a job I hate. No opportunity to advance and grow. Bored. Judged. Trapped.

I would leave the organisation all together except just like every other debt ridden person, I need the level of income to maintain my mortgages and lifestyle.

How did I turn this around?

Well nothing has really changed at work – except my attitude. I’m more positive than I have ever been in my life. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have hope again – because I have a plan B.

I started my own business, one that pays me residual income so that over time my efforts will pay me again and again and again. Its not going to happen quickly cause residual income takes time to build, but every day I’m one day closer to telling my boss where to stick it. One day soon – I WILL BE FREE.

Read my full FREE report to find out more about my plan B. Just go to the link in the author info below.

Kira-marie is an entrepreneur helping people create wealth. Click Here for a free report on how you can earn a significant income from home.

Kira-marie is an entrepreneur helping people create wealth. Click here: http://klaverty.tkr.me/wealthsecret for a free report on how you can earn a significant income from home.

Author Bio: Kira-marie is an entrepreneur helping people create wealth. Click Here for a free report on how you can earn a significant income from home.

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