Is MOBE Or MTTB a Scam?

There are numerous products available these days that promise to teach how to make passive online income. However not all of them are what they seem. So, before you can learn how to build an online home-based business, In this article I am to answer the question of “Is MOBE or MTTB a scam?”

Everywhere you look online you’ll see reviews for MOBE (My Online Business Empire) and MTTB (My Top Tier Business). All of which can leave you feeling somewhat confused because they seem to contradict one another. In most cases this is because those who are giving the products a bad review tend to do so because they want you to purchase what they are offering instead.

However in this particular review what I aim to do is dispel some of the myths that seem to surround these particular products from the same person Matt Lloyd.

Myth 1 – No Honest Reviews

Unfortunately what you will find when it comes to MTTB the reviews available are very far and few between. What ones are available are of a very positive nature which seems to be draw people. However what you need to be aware of is that finding negative ones proves pretty impossible as anyone who chooses to sign up for this program also has to sign a non-disclosure contract. Meaning that should someone choose to no longer want to be involved they aren’t allow to make any comments to rebuke the statements made about MTTB as they could be sued for liable.

I believe the reason for doing this is to ensure that they stick to only getting people who are really motivated to make a living online.

When it comes to MOBE however you will find a larger number of reviews available in relation to this product from Matt Lloyd. What you will find that a lot more of these are of a more negative nature. It seems that unlike with MTTB there doesn’t seem to be any non-disclosure contract that needs signing. Me personally I would prefer to keep away from any product where very little has been honestly written about it by anyone who isn’t a member.

Myth 2 – What Are The Charges

Initially when you look at what is on offer with both MOBE and MTTB is that the initial price of $49.00 to become involved seems a steal. However it is only when you get further into the product that you learn you will have to spend more in order to really see yourself earning a good living from these products. In fact I would suggest that there are plenty of other good quality products around that could teach you about affiliate marketing that certainly don’t cost as much. In fact if you know where to look you can soon come across some truly amazing products that will really help you to make a good living online. These are the kind of products that will show you want needs to be done as long as you are willing to put the time and effort into making your online business a success.

You must know also that if you are keen to join Matt’s partnership, you are going to spend a large sum of money, the amount is $1997 just to buy their MOBE Licence Rights. Although this amount of $1997 can be divided into 4 payments of $597, but let me tell you, it is still a huge amount of money. Can you afford to part your hard earned money like that? The licence rights will give you the ability to promote teh MOBE Licence Course, the funded Proposal, My Online Business Empire, Affiliate Bonus and OPT formula.

So, are you willing to spend $1997 for this MOBE Licence Rights? I know it wouldn’t.

Myth 3 – What You Are Expected To Do

In answer to the question of “Is MOBE or MTTB a scam?” you may find that with these what you are expected to do in order to earn a living online can prove somewhat confusing. What these products do like so many other Multi Level Marketing (MLM) schemes you see online is that you are expected to spend money to make money. With these you two particular products you are expected to spend money so that you then earn the right to promote and sell the products that Matt Lloyd recommends. The problem is of course you are then trying to sell the exact same products that others who have chosen to sign up to these programs have.

In turn what this then means that you won’t be given any kind of training that of course can help teach you how to build a business online relating to a particular niche you are interested in. Rather than being shown how to market your business effectively you are instead being asked to buy even MORE products and then you’ll be taught how you should sell them to other people within the MOBE or MTTB schemes.

As for support there doesn’t seem to be that much on offer. In fact one thing I have come across is that Matt doesn’t seem to have invested any time into creating a special area where support is available when you are first starting out. Yes there is a Facebook page available within the group once you are a member but it only seems to be visited by those who are trying to sell the products that are recommended. It really is a case of the “blind leading the blind” when it comes to wanting to really get help if you are having problems.

As you can see from above in answer to the question of “Is MOBE or MTTB a scam?” I would say, yes. I would certainly spend more time looking at other MLM systems that are being promoted online, many of which come with a great number of genuine reviews that really tell it as it is and will ensure that you find exactly the right one for your particular needs. Good luck with your search!!

Hopefully the above will help you to find the right program so that you can start to earn a passive online income.

For more information on Is MOBE Or MTTB A Scam, pls visit how to earn passive income online.

For more info on Is MOBE Or MTTB A Scam, pls visit

Author Bio: For more information on Is MOBE Or MTTB A Scam, pls visit how to earn passive income online.

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