Things to Know Before You Go Out and Buy Any Kind of LED Flood Light

Even though the price of each LED flood light available is still high in comparison to other forms of lighting they are becoming increasingly popular. Although such lighting is generally used in business premises, many homeowners are now investing in them as well.

However if you are only now considering installing any kind of LED flood light at your home it is important that you understand a little more about them before you do. In this article we answer what we consider are some fundamental points regarding this form of lighting.

By reading through this it will then help you to determine which type of light emitting diode flood light you should be getting for your home.

1. Brightness Of LED Lights

Today you can purchase an LED flood light that is fitted with bulbs of between 50 and 1200 lumens. For your home we would recommend that you use the kind that produce up to 600 lumens. These ones tend to be much more directional, meaning that they will illuminate the area where they are pointed more effectively.

2. Efficiency Levels

You will find that these types of lights are 5 times more efficient than the halogen or incandescent flood lights you have installed at this current time. As a result of them being so much more efficient it means that they use far less electricity to provide the energy to power them. An LED flood light will only use around 20% of the energy that a normal light would use and will still produce the same or even more light than them.

3. Less Bulbs Needed

As the amount of light these types of flood lights use is much brighter so far fewer are needed to illuminate a particular area. In fact where you would normally have 2 or 3 floodlights to illuminate a particular area of your home when it comes to the LED type you will only need to have one.

4. Color Correlated Temperature

When you purchase LED flood lights you will notice that CCT (Color Correlated Temperature) is used to describe each of the bulbs that will be placed in side the main fixture. Each CCT given describes the kind of white light that they emit. For example one that comes with a CCT of 2700K produces a much warmer yellow kind of white light, whereas one that comes with a CCT of 7000K produces a white light that seems to be a much cooler blue hue. Yet although the light colors may vary the light they emit is still very bright to illuminate a much larger area.

Hopefully the information we have provided will help to make choosing the right kind of LED flood light for your home a lot easier. However when it comes to installation of such items we would highly recommend you hire the services of a professional to carry out this work for you. Although there are many kits available if you fail to wire up the lights correctly it could lead to problems in the future.

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