Why Are High Bay LED Lighting Prices So High

Most businesses at present are still unsure about whether investing in LED lighting for their premises is a good idea or not. Certainly businesses running factories and warehouses are concerned because they find high bay LED lighting prices still extremely high.

However what one needs to be aware of is that the actual cost of manufacturing such lighting is considerably higher than it is to manufacture conventional ones. One particular magazine (Fast Company) decided to look more closely at what was involved in the manufacturing of such lighting and why it costs so much.

What this magazine discovered is that in order to make such LED lights required the use of some very sophisticated technology. Plus they also spent time analysing the labor, material and parts involved in the making of these lights. This is what they found and which is high bay LED lighting prices remain high.

1. Most of the components that make up the circuit boards for this type of lighting have to be assembled by hand as machines find assembling them too complicated still.

2. The actual wafer that is placed within the LED can cost as much as $8.

3. Generally the brightest LED lights are only capable of generating blue light. To help provide their lights with a more natural white glow companies that make these types of lights will often coat the bulb in yellow phosphor. The only country where this very rare and of course expensive earth metal compound can be sourced is China. So of course this means that they can actually decide how much will be charged for providing it to them.

4. In order for energy to be converted into an electrical current within these lights the adding of a driver is required. The cost of installation of one of these in each light can cost anyone up to $4.

5. We all know that these types of lights burn a great deal cooler than other forms of lighting but the use of a conducting material is still required in order to help dissipate the heat they do generate. The aluminum used for this purpose again can cost as much as $3 per bulb.

So as you can see from above there are plenty of reasons as to why high bay LED lighting prices aren\’t likely to come down any time soon. However what you need to consider is how much money you can actually save by installing such lighting in your business.

The first thing you need to remember is that these lights don\’t actually need as much electricity to actually provide illumination. So of course they are saving you money by reducing your electricity bills over the time they are being used.

The other thing to consider before you put of installing such lighting because of the high bay led lighting prices are too much is that they last longer than conventional lights. So you will not need to spend so much money on replacing them so often.

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