A Short History of the LED PL Lamp

In 1907, H. J. Round, a researcher at Marconi laboratories, discovered the electroluminescence phenomenon by using a crystal of carbon and silica and a primitive detector made from a semi-conductive metal. From that point to the modern LED PL lamp, there is a century of improvements and innovations brought by scientists all over the world.

The Russian Oleg Vladimirovich Losev was the one who created the first LED around 1920. Everybody was excited about his discovery, but because the light obtained by this method was too weak, no one seemed to find its utility. It was only in 1961 that Bob Biar and Gary Pittman discovered that, by applying an electrical current to a gallium arsenide, they could obtain an infra-red light.

In the next year, Nick Holonyak made the first red LED PL Lamp system, while he was working at an electricity company. The color and the intensity of the light depended on the composition of the semi-conductor metal. The next step was to make the first yellow LED PL Lamp, and ever since that day till now, when there are so many types of colored LEDs, almost every year meant a step forward.

Initially, LED lights were too expensive to be used on a large scale, but in 1968, the Monsanto Corporation was the first company that started to mass produce LEDs. Later, Monsanto was bought by a computer company and the LEDs were integrated in the alphanumeric computers. For a while, they were used just as indicators in the expensive equipment, in order to replace the incandescent lamps.

From those computer displays, which were able to show a single letter, to the animated displays of our days, and, furthermore to walls of LED lamps displays, which can re-create intricate images and movements, graduate colors and shades, the step was a huge one, made in a short period of time – approximately 30-40 years of research and evolution.

The first LED PL Lamp system that could be used to produce light was made by Shuji Nakamura in 1993 with an In-Ga-N alloy. In 2006 Nakamura was awarded the Millenium Technology Prize for his achievement. Nakamura\’s LED had the color blue and, when combined with the yellow one invented by Dr. M. George Craford in 1971, a white light could be made, similar to the light given by the incandescent bulbs.

In 2008, the most powerful LED light to that day was made by a South-Korean manufacturer. The company was able to produce a record 900 lumen at 10 watts, 90 lumens / watt – almost the same as a 75 watt light bulb. Two years later, a Japanese firm created a prototype of another powerful LED reaching 120 lumen / watt and, soon after, another company announced that they made a prototype that can obtain 208 lm / watt.

This rapid evolution of almost 100 years allows us to suppose that, in a short period of time, we will all live in houses and work in offices that will use the LED PL lamp system as main light emitter.

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