Choosing the Best Dehumidifier – Learn More About It

Dehumidifiers are perfect for keeping your home moisture free. They can have serious health benefits, preventing mold from growing on your walls, and they can also save you a lot of money on home repairs by keeping wallpaper and paint from peeling. There are a lot of different models on the market these days, so when picking out a dehumidifier for your home, there are few things you should keep in mind to be sure you are picking the best option for your home, your family, and your budget.

Dehumidifiers are supposed to get rid of the moisture in the air. That should be the first thing you look for in a product. Different machines will perform differently depending on the amount of moisture in the air and the size of the room or area you are trying to dehumidify. The larger the room, the higher-capacity dehumidifier you\’ll need. Otherwise, you\’ll have to constantly be emptying the collection reservoir. The manufacturer lists the minimum and maximum square footage that the model can handle, so be sure to look for that while you are shopping around. Also, be sure to look at how big the collection reservoir is. No matter the size of the room, no one wants a high maintenance dehumidifier. Try to find one that is big enough so you only have to empty it once a day.

Different models of dehumidifiers offer different features. One is a humidistat. This tracks the amount of humidity in the room. You can set a specific level you want the humidity to be at and the machine will automatically turn on or off in order to maintain that level. You can also find products with a timer, so you can set the time it turns on or off. Some products also have a self-draining feature so you don\’t have to empty it. A drain pipe will be included for those dehumidifiers with this feature. If this doesn\’t sound like something you\’re interested in, at least look for a product that will tell you what the water levels are. That way, you don\’t have to worry about anything overflowing and getting damaged.

Efficiency is big when it comes to dehumidifiers. They can be great for removing moisture and keeping you from having to pay expensive bills to repair your home or your health; however, if your machine isn\’t very efficient, you may be paying just as much in energy bills as you would to repair the moisture damage. Look for products that use less wattage or that have an Energy Star rating. You\’ll be able to run your dehumidifier without breaking the bank.

Today\’s technology has not only made dehumidifiers more efficient, but it\’s made them less bulky as well. No one wants a giant hunk of plastic sitting in the corner of the room. Not only is it an eye-sore but they are heavy and hard to move if you need to clean. Smaller products are available on the market that are easier to move around and won\’t clash so much with your room decor. If you do need a larger model due to the size of the area you are trying to dehumidify, try to find a model with wheels. You can put a nice table cloth over the top for when it isn\’t running and you don\’t want it to stick out too much. When you are running your dehumidifier, you don\’t want it to make a lot of noise, especially if you are running it at night.

One of the best products on the market these days is the Keystone KSTAD70B. It can suck about 70 pints of moisture out the air per day if used all day. The reservoir tank holds 10.4 pints and it can dehumidify an area of 3,800 square feet. That\’s more than almost every other product in its class. It provides a wide range of features, including humidistat, auto restart and shut off, full bucket alert and many more. Plus, it\’s Energy Star rated, so it\’ll save you money on energy bills. It is a very quiet machine, running at 53 decibels which is lower than anything else on the market. As an added bonus, it has wheels, making it easy to move around to any room you may need it in. You get all of these features for $199. While the price is not the lowest one on the market, and the reservoir doesn\’t hold a lot of water and needs to be emptied a bit more often, the Keystone KSTAD70B is quiet and efficient and offers all the features in a very large area making it the number one best dehumidifier of 2015.

Another great choice for a humidifier is the Comfort-Aire BHD 701 H. While it doesn\’t reach the same area as the Keystone KSTAD70B, it still covers quite a large area of 2,500 square feet. It also removes 70 pints of moisture from the air per day and the collection reservoir is a bit bigger at 12.7 pints. This is still pretty small, so you\’ll have to empty the tank somewhat frequently. It offers all the same features as its Keystone counterpart, and in addition, it offers a drain pump. This product is also very energy efficient and thought it weighs quite a bit, it is on wheels and can be easily moved around. This machine is a bit noisier than the Keystone KSTAD, producing 58.5 decibels of sound. This machine is a bit more expensive than the previous product, running at about $272.83. However, this is still much less expensive than replacing everything you own that\’s damaged by all the excess moisture in your house. It offers great features and uses very little energy, making it the number 2 best dehumidifier of 2015.

For those that live in a humid area, or simply are trying to get rid of the excess moisture in their basement, investing in a dehumidifier is the best choice. It will save you money on replacing all your belongings, as well as improve your health and the health of your family.

Are you looking for more information regarding Dehumidifier? Visit today!

Are you looking for more information regarding Dehumidifier? Visit today!

Author Bio: Are you looking for more information regarding Dehumidifier? Visit today!

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