Joys of Childbirth

Don’t be surprised by the title. We definitely had some hard times before we experienced the joys of child birth. After we had been married for a year, my wife told me that we were having a baby. I was so happy. I was dancing in the streets. By the way, I am a lousy dancer. It seems that the high of fatherhood went away two months later when the Doctor told us that we had a miscarriage. Personally, it was awful. It was much harder for my wife. Our closest family support was 3000 miles away. Her only comfort was me. A guy in the beginning of his second year of marriage. I am a typical fixer. All she needed was someone to hold her , listen to her and maybe fly her mother out.

I was not able to fly her Mom out at the time. She is very close to her Mom and it would have helped. We all learn and grow from every hardship and/or crisis situation. About a year later, we were pregnant with baby number two. We both were a lot more tentative with our spreading of joy. The miscarriage experience was still only a year behind us. We were still 3000 miles away from any family support. Doctor visits were more frequent . Unfortunately, at the two month mark, we had a miscarriage for baby number two. As hard as it is, it is even harder as we started to second guess if we were ever going to have a child make it long enough to be born.

After the second miscarriage, we moved to Colorado. This is only 1000 miles away from family support. This is when we found it to be hard to conceive. So, we had Doctors check us both out to make sure that we were fertile. We both checked out okay. Our attempts for a baby were unsuccessful. Therefore, we decided to adopt a baby. We did have a lot of love to give. After our adoption and loan was approved, we were blessed with pregnancy number three. We were tough on all Doctors in our quest to have a child. This child made it past the first trimester. Our hopes increased into month four. The second trimester went well and we moved into the final turn. At this point, we were feeling pretty good. Good to the point that we named our son.

He had made it to a few weeks before term, and our midwife told us that we were having a baby that night because he was stressed. I’m thinking what can a baby be stressed out about. Maybe, my wife needs to swallow a ball so he has something to play with. I moved the flag in the front yard so our neighbors knew that we were headed to the hospital. I tried to be helpful during the birth. I wasn’t that much help. Late that evening, our first child was born. It was awesome.

I’m glad he wasn’t camera or video shy. We took more pictures of this child than all of the others. When I look back, it was a trying but great experience. Now, he is a senior in high school and knows everything.

Believe that success is based on faith, family, and friends. small business attorney internet marketing 43 essentials

Believe that success is based on faith, family, and friends.

Author Bio: Believe that success is based on faith, family, and friends. small business attorney internet marketing 43 essentials

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