Things to Consider Before Installing LED Downlight Bulbs

When it comes to you wishing to replace your current light bulbs in your downlights with LED ones there are certain things to consider before you do. In this article we take a look at some of the things you must consider to ensure that you select the right sorts of LED downlight bulbs to replace the ones fitted in your light fixtures at this time.

1. What Sort Of Base Is Needed?

Presently there are two forms of bases that lights are fitted with. There is the standard base or the pin one. The standard type is the one we are all most familiar with and generally to install them they come with a screw like attachment. Whereas with the pin type bulbs the base includes to small pieces that resemble pins that that allow you to connect them into the light fixture. So remember to make sure that you check what type of fitting your current bulbs have and ensure that you get LED replacement bulbs for your downlights with the same.

2. How Well Made Are They?

As you will see purchasing such bulbs isn\’t cheap, but don\’t think that going for the cheapest option is always the best. The problem with going for the cheaper models is that the materials used to make them aren\’t often very poor quality. As a result of this you will find that they don\’t last as long as the more expensive ones do. Plus in some cases you may find that they don\’t work at all.

3. Check How Much Light The Bulb Is Going To Give Off

The best way of checking to see how much light the replacement LED downlight bulbs produces is by checking what the lumen number is. Today rather than an LED bulb being measured in watts they are measured in lumens. Just as with the current bulbs you have the higher the number then the more light the bulb is going to produce. Today LED bulbs range from 4 to 28 lumens, which in terms of conventional incandescent bulbs is between 40 and 150 watts.

4. What Kind Of Light Do You Want Them To Emit?

These types of bulbs are able to emit warm or cool light. Which type you choose will of course depend on where inside or outside your home the downlights are installed. For example if you are replacing the bulbs in the downlights in your bedroom for example then you may want to consider installing LED ones that emit a much warmer light. However if you want to install these bulbs into downlights on the exterior walls of your home for security purposes then those that produce a cooler kind of light should be considered. As this type of light is also a lot brighter.

5. Do They Have Dimmer Capabilities?

Certainly if you are intending to replace the current downlight bulbs in your living with LED ones where a dimmer switch is used then you need to make sure that they come with this capability. Unfortunately not all LED downlight bulbs have this capability so you may need to do a little more research before you purchase yours.

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