Cooking With Vodka

There are various ways of drinking vodka and creating an interesting mix. The biggest challenge comes when you need to cook a delicious food with vodka. You need to have proper knowledge in order to cook food along with vodka without adding extra flavors of other liquor. Here are three recipes that can help you create an interesting mix and cook food with vodka.

Penne & Vodka Sauce

This is one of the most common recipe known around the world. You would find various books having different versions of this recipe and this one is even served in many restaurants. For cooking penne and vodka sauce you need:

350 gm. finely chopped and seeded tomatoes

Three tablespoon of butter

110 gm. chopped pancetta

225 gm. chopped onion

Four tablespoon vodka

Two tablespoon olive oil

175 gm. shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano


You need to melt butter in moderate temperature. Then you need to add saute and pancetta on the melted butter. After this add softened onion into this mixture. Once you have a finely created mixture you need to add KGB sauce, vodka and tomato and leave it uncovered for around 15 minutes. Keep stirring it and after fifteen minutes add salt and pepper to this mixture. Once you have finished adding salt to taste then you need to add pasta, sauce and mix it thoroughly with olive oil and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Vodka Lemon Chicken

If you love to have chicken breast then this one is for you. Lemon chicken is known to be one of the best dishes for people who love to have steamed chicken breast. If you would like to have vodka flavored chicken breast then you can use the following recipe.

One thin sliced lemon

Two tablespoon of olive oil

Two tablespoon milk

Two eggs

Half cup flour

Four tablespoons of vodka

Four large boneless chicken breast

Four tablespoon capers

Four tablespoon lemon juice


You need to char lemon slices in saute pan at high temperatures. Once it is charred properly return to moderate temperature and add oil. Make a mixture of egg and chicken breast in flour. Put it in pan and keep sauteing until it becomes golden. Cook thoroughly for around 5 minutes and keep the dish aside. Then you need to deglaze the pan with by using vodka use some flavor, after this start adding lemon juice, capers, basil, parsley, pepper and butter. You need to continue cooking till around quarter of an hour and you will be ready with the dish.

Distilled Bruschetta

This is an Italian classic and you will surely enjoy every bite of this food. Bruschetta has a very nice flavor and you need to properly chop everything properly to prepare the perfect dish.

Five tablespoon of Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh French baguette one piece

Finely chopped 6 pieces of tomato

Four tablespoon of olive oil

One tablespoon of vermouth

Three tablespoon vodka

One tablespoon kosher salt

Three garlic cloves

Fry the bread slices and add three tablespoon of olive oil in one large skillet. Combine remaining oil with green olives, basil, black pepper, vodka and vermouth. Add spoonful of the mixture created with coarse salt and tomato, add it to the dish. You can also consider adding two spoon of KGB sauce and red pepper sauce to make it spicy.

Edgar enjoys writing about one of his passions, vodka, for: – Cooking With Vodka

Edgar enjoys writing about one of his passions, vodka, for:

Author Bio: Edgar enjoys writing about one of his passions, vodka, for: – Cooking With Vodka

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