The Changing World of Sydney Nightlife

The Sydney Nightlife Scene has been left in a complete mess since the NSW Government brought in the lock out laws 3 years ago. Know one knew the impact would be so large on the community and local businesses. Does the Government care about what the people’s opinions and feelings? Not enough to take them seriously. Kings Cross is no officially a ghost town and is being turned into residential accommodation. All of the bars, strip clubs and clubs in the area are now closing at a very fast rate.

Every major city in the world has a red light district. London has Soho, Paris has Montmartre etc. etc. The Australian Politian’s are so narrow minded and are just interested in selling the country and its resources of to the highest bidder. Sydney will become a cheap holiday destination for Asian gamblers what will get flown into the casinos and flown back out again.

Sydney should be a very classy place to visit but its going to become the Blackpool of Australia. If you don’t know where Blackpool is in the UK Google it.

The Sydneysiders that have been in Sydney all their life are seeing something they love being dismantled in front of there eyes.

Sydney Nightlife has been talked down now for so long people’s attitude is there is no point in going out because its going to be dead and everywhere shuts early. Once this is the vide getting everyone to change their vibe is almost impossible.

Having said all of the above people are still going out somewhere. Maybe a boat cruise or hiring a private venue or nightclub and creating their own night out.

Feelings are running high and its headline news almost everyday. Statistics are getting thrown around everyday which in my opinion have no validity as they are used by that person or group to their own end.

There has been a hug rally in Sydney’s CBD with around 15000 people attending from all different parts of the community. They were there to express their dislike for the tough stance the new laws have brought to the area and businesses.

The participants weren’t saying don’t have any rules to stop the violence just there are better ways of dealing with it that aren’t going to have such a massive impact on Sydney Nightlife.

The Queensland Federal Government has just past a law that is state wide and has a lock out time of 1am not 1.30am as Sydney has. Again there has been lots of opposition to the laws and lots of small businesses will suffer through no fault of there own.

The only place left is Victoria which had lock out laws but revoked them when they saw the impact it was having on Melbourne.

Let’s hope the prohibition stance changes soon but head is telling me not for a least 5 years and maybe never. Lets hope I am wrong about things

(These are just my views and aren’t to be taken to seriously)

The Cruise Factor All The Latest Gossip from Sydney Harbour and CBD

The Cruise Factor All The Latest Gossip from Sydney Harbour and CBD

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