The Nightlife in Sydney Whats the Score

Sydney nightlife is very close to my heart. Having come from the age of Dance Music in the late 80’s I used to love all the freedom you had to make your own choices in life. It was the closest you come get to the Summer of Love in the 60’s. As each decade passes it feels more that we live in a world where everything is PC politically correct whatever that means.

What’s happening to Sydney Nightlife?

Having lived in Sydney for around 10 years I have watched the powers that be make knee jerk reactions to situations. In the UK it would be thought out at a national level and most of the time a reasonable outcome is found.

If Sydney Nightlife is ever to be taken seriously as major city there needs to be some realism in the laws. When my friends arrive from London and ask where are we going out to I say” no where my friend everywhere is closed” They look at me we astonishment on there face.

Sydney people see it has the best place on the planet to live. My answer to that would be” Yes it could be” Its such a new part of the planet it needs time to breath and develop.

I know so many Poms that have left because of cost of living and lack of freedom to enjoy their life. I am sure there are a few Australians saying good riddance to you. There are only so many tiles you can go for a coffee in Bondi before it gets boring.

Sydney Nightlife is an integral for of its culture and without in its one dimensional. I hope that this is just a short term approach to draconian views and something great can come out the other end. Don’t let a few people ruin it for the majority.

There has been a hug rally in Sydney’s CBD with around 15000 people attending from all different parts of the community. They were there to express their dislike for the tough stance the new laws have brought to the area and businesses.

The participants weren’t saying don’t have any rules to stop the violence just there are better ways of dealing with it that aren’t going to have such a massive impact on Sydney Nightlife.

The Queensland Federal Government has just past a law that is state wide and has a lock out time of 1am not 1.30am as Sydney has. Again there has been lots of opposition to the laws and lots of small businesses will suffer through no fault of there own.

The only place left is Victoria which had lock out laws but revoked them when they saw the impact it was having on Melbourne.

Lets hope the prohibition stance changes soon but head is telling me not for a least 5 years and maybe never.

(These are just my views and aren’t to be taken to seriously)

The Cruise Factor All The Latest Gossip from Sydney Harbour and CBD

The Cruise Factor All The Latest Gossip from Sydney Harbour and CBD

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