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Site structure plays an important role in ranking of the website; the better the design, the higher will be the ranking. Every website has some unique features included within its structure; it may be streamlined, rigorous or disorganized jumbled pages. If you are creating it with appropriate precision then you can gain search excellence. Below are some of the best tips to create an attractive site that will lure the user, gets indexed and crawled by the spiders that result in best SERP listing and higher ranking:

Structure really matters

It is said that a good website structure helps in attaining higher ranking on the search page. Let’s see how:

Nice Website Structure offers Great User Experience

Human brain balances cognitive equilibrium and to maintain that he tries to put pieces logically. The colors, fonts, texture, graphics, image, kerning and white space together make a unique, attractive website. Designers try to add features that satisfy the needs of users.

An appealing site automatically appeals the search engine. Google uses algorithms that assist in ranking of the website. A precise website structure eliminates the bounce rate and progress dwell time.

A good website structure offers site links to your website

Sitelinks are the listing sequence in the SERPs that represent your website’s main page with internal links. The Sitelinks helps in increasing site navigation that uses relevant information. This navigation, increase the brand’s reputation, assist in dominating SERPs and improving user’s trust.

A nice website Structure means better Crawling

Crawling a website structure helps in indexing the content in order to give it back to the search result. The crawling speed determines the structure of your website.

A good Website Structure provides great SEO

Your website’s organization determines the SEO success. A strong site structure offers an indestructible SEO foundation that provide you huge organic search.

Below are some tips to create Site Structure:

Plan before you develop

One should plan the website before starting its development. You can do the planning on whiteboard, excel sheet or on Google drive. Don’t forget that your hierarchy is logical, categories should be divided and subcategories are made smartly.

Create a URL structure

Make your website’s URL structure that follows the hierarchy. The URL should have appropriate keywords.

Site Navigation

While navigating your website, use CSS and HTML as they won’t limit the crawl ability. Coding in Ajax, Flash and JavaScript limits the site’s crawling process.

Use Deep Navigation Structure

Use shallow sites for deep navigation. These sites work better and offer better usability and crawling.

Create Header for your List of the Main Navigation Pages

Include top header that include all the main pages like categories, sub categories and other elements that need to be viewed to the viewer. Avoid adding menus to the main page as it confuses the viewer to understand the categories. Try to use text links with proper anchors, they will offer strong SEO.

Create an inclusive Internal Linking structure

Add link to every page of the website, some from the website while some to the website.

The above information can be helpful for you to get quality website design enhance your SEO for the website.

Wynn Zhou is the Founder of Novage Communications – a leading web design company in Singapore. She specialises in SEO and loves applying her skills to help local clients. Website:

Author Bio: The above information can be helpful for you to get quality website design enhance your SEO for the website.

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