Why is Windows Phone Failing?

Recent market statistics shows that Windows mobile platform is falling down like a rock. A few years ago Microsoft have set a target to capture 5% of mobile market. But, expectation was obviously wrong since Windows phone platform fell from 2% to 0,6% in 2016. Why is this a case?

First of all, competition is strong and the market is unpredictable, since users can shift from one platform to another even when there is no special dissatisfaction factor with current system. The users can switch platform because mobile operator gives attractive deal, or because of friends.

But those are not reasons why is WP failing. Microsoft made several mistakes, relying too much on the brand of PC version of Windows and its influence to the users.

WP In Not Windows

First and the most obvious reason of WP failing is the fact that Windows Phone has nothing to do with Windows. Yes, WP is called Windows, it is painted similar way as PC version, but in reality one has nothing to do with the other, from the functional perspective. Applications of both system mimic functionalities of one to another (one drive, office, Facebook, some games), but all application are developed separately. If there is no particular application developed for WP, the PC app cannot help you.

Simply, you cannot install the application or game from PC to WP! To call a phone WP 10, just because PC has WP 10 as well, is nothing but deception of users. But the users are not that ignorant. Even if that they not clearly see that these two platforms are just called and painted in similar colors, they do really understand that that is not it.

After all, the statistic numbers show obviously what the users think.

WP Is Lagging Behind Heavily

The development of WP platform was always stumbling after the competition. The WP 8 was so inferior to competition. The WP 8 didn’t have slide down quick menu, so for every adjustment of the system you would have to go to setting and do several steps to do a simple action, like enabling Bluetooth.

WP 8 didn’t have a single video player that could support subtitles. WP 8 screen could accommodate only 4 tiles in the row, thou making desktop very unutilized.

The range of applications available on WP store is very narrow and low quality versus competition. Also, what you could get for free on android play store, you have to pay on WP store, if available at all.

WP 8.1 managed to fix a few things, like slide down menu, subtitles and number of tiles in the row, but all that was late.

WP 10 mobile was announced so pompous, but the deployment was very late versus promise. Also, many devices were excluded from the upgrade.

If you were the lucky one with the upgrade possibility you would face many hours of phone upgrading process.

WP 10 managed to additional ruin browsing experience with semi functional Edge browser. Fonts size is a problem for many users, either showing loo large or too small fonts. The setting within edge contain option small-middle-large font, but whatever you select the fonts stay the same. There are alternative browsers on windows store, but all of them have partial functionality. Some browsers were almost identical, only the name was different.

Sorry Microsoft, but to have a brand new phone operative system without at least decent browser is a major mistake.

WP Is Not Attractive

In general Windows visual appeal radically deteriorated even since W8 PC version. Colorful icons from legendary W7, aero effect and other visual candies are gone. W8 replaced them with monochromatic tiles where you cannot distinguish one tile from the other.

The same pattern was replicated to mobile platform. While PC at least have proper functionality of countless applications, WP is doomed with low range of application and ugly visual presence.

It is obvious that this strategy is leading to nowhere. WP will disappear from the market, even if Microsoft try really hard. So far they were only relying on the power of Windows brand and hoping that consumers will close their eyes and take a bait. They were wrong.

Business, technology and education at biz-development.com, since 2008 by Laurus Nobilis. Check why is Windows Phone failing.

Business, technology and education at http://biz-development.com, since 2008 by Laurus Nobilis.

Author Bio: Business, technology and education at biz-development.com, since 2008 by Laurus Nobilis. Check why is Windows Phone failing.

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