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Best Web Design Tips For Beginners

There is no secret at all. This is just a continuous learning without stop. If you’ve ever placed yourself within the position of having to start a new web site then you recognize it can be a seriously discouraging task.

Today we are going to share top 21 web design tips that will assist you to become a successful web designer.

1. A Well-Designed Logo

“A logo is very important part of your brand, therefore ensure it’s situated prominently on your website. well designed logo can help people to acknowledge your business even when the company’s name is written in another language.

“Always use a very high-resolution image and feature it in the upper left corner . “Also, it is a sensible rule of thumb to link your logo back to your home page so guests can simply navigate to it.” creating a logo for your business can assist you to succeed in the targeted customer base easily.

2. Keep it clean

A clean web design has the advantage of being simple and functional which implies that it’s possible for it to achieve success. embrace things like flat design and white space (you can browse a lot of concerning each these terms here) can do wonders for your website visitor’s experience. try to keep everything oversimplified or maybe minimal with only your most significant content spotlighted. A minimalist design is clean, however a clean web design doesn’t have to be minimalist. sometimes less really is more.

3. Design every page as a landing page

“Most websites have a design that assumes a user enters through the home page and navigates into the site,” this should give you and also the page creators some inspiration for additional testing, and show what you must consider once you run your own landing page A/B tests. “The reality, though, is that the majority of visits for many sites begin on a page that’s not the home page,”. Therefore, you need to design the site in such the way that no matter page a visitor lands on, key info is there.

4. Readable and professional looking fonts –

As a creative designer, using custom fonts in a design is a good way of making text-heavy content a lot of attention-grabbing. just by looking at the font you feel that website isn’t a professional site. Fonts are an essential part of a websites graphic look and attractiveness. The style, color and size of fonts can be varied and customised to suit varying web site designs.. therefore try to keep to common and professional web fonts. The fonts that I always stick to are Arial and Verdana.

5. Use the 80-20 rule

What 200th of what’s on a page provides 80th of the value and content that people go there for? If that prospect sounds too sensible to be true, I assure you that it’s not. permit me to introduce you to the 80/20 Rule: specialise in the 20 percent of things that will fetch you 80 percent of the results. On your web site, furthermore as on every individual page, focus on displaying only the 200th of web site components that are delivering eightieth of that usefulness.

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