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10 Tips for Writing Emails

This article was written because this past week I have seen three examples of emails that were read by people other than the intended recipient. In one case an attorney published a whole email exchange between the attorney and an applicant for an associate position in her firm. It should have embarrassed them both and […]

Using A Prepaid International Calling Card

There are a few reasons that someone would need to use prepaid international calling cards. These cards are available from a supplier on the Internet and will usually offer local, long distance and international calling for its users. Some companies also feature Internet service and email account access. Calling cards with international service is harder […]

How To Make The Most Of Media Training

Unless you have been in hiding for the last two weeks you will be well aware that the Football World Cup is taking place at the moment. If you are not interested in football, don’t worry I’m not going to spend the whole article talking about football and what went wrong with the England football […]

Why Utilise Corporate Video Production?

Advertisements and marketing are the two key fundamental areas that you need to concentrate on if you want to bolster the awareness of your brand over a short period of time. Brand Cialis Formerly it was very simple to do this as there were only a couple of avenues that you could explore. You could […]

Improve Productivity: Organize Your Email

Organizing your email can be a challenge for anyone. Email has taken the place of memos in business, correspondence in your personal life and direct mail marketing. There are newsletters, special announcements, updates and of course the dreaded spam. It’s easy to just open an email, think to yourself “I’ll answer this later this afternoon,” […]

The Business Benefits Of Online Text Messages

Technology is constantly advancing, changing, enhancing and moving forwards. There is often a lot of change over between the different technologies that are used today. For instance if you purchase a mobile phone these days you can pretty much perform any task that you could think of on the internet on your handheld mobile device. […]

How Businesses Are Using Network Clocks To Run More Efficiently

Coordinating actions across multiple departments in an organization used to be difficult. Trying to keep everyone on the same schedule was an uphill battle and most companies simply didn’t bother. Today those same organizations can use inexpensive network clocks to be sure everyone is on the same time regardless of location. Here are just a […]

Encourage Innovation to Boost Productivity

What is innovation? How can companies encourage innovation in order to increase productivity? When most people hear the word innovation, they think of gadgets like the iphone or smart cars. If employees were encouraged to be innovative, what could they produce? A study from the Boston Consulting Group confirms that 92 percent of Chinese firms […]

Listening to the Online Community

There are thousands and hundreds of businesses and companies in America who are striving to win over their competition and gain loyal customers. Many of these companies are realizing that they need to be aware of the online community even if they do not own or maintain a website themselves. Unfortunately some companies learn this […]

When And Why To Utilise Media Training

Working the media is not a new concept, it has been utilised several times before by countries, companies and governments to manipulate people to follow their point of view. generic viagra review During the second World War there was a lot of positive propaganda utilised within the media to help keep spirits up and people […]