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Oddities to Consider When Reviewing a Resume

Assessing job applicants and choosing the right one for your business isn’t easy. Asking all the right questions that revolve around work-related tasks is vital to qualifying applicants. Many applicants do not have a perfect background: they are either perfect matches or bad hires. To grasp a deeper understanding of an applicant’s capabilities, take time […]

Responding Safely to a Factory Fire

Even though many of the world’s workers are shifting to white collar jobs, there is still an ever-present need for blue collar or manufacturing jobs. Without these jobs, the world would cease to work. They really make the world go round. Manufacturing and factory jobs around the world make and supply us with almost all […]

Is Keyman Insurance And Key Person Insurance The Same?

Companies across Australia use both keyman insurance and key person insurance to describe a specific type of policy targeted towards businesses for financial protection. This type of cover provides a business with financial protection should an ‘essential employee’ suddenly become ill, injured, or dies and can no longer work. In Australia offers similar protection to […]

Interviewing Applicants for Eccentricity and Creativity

Think about the last person you employed. After you hired them, did everything fall into place like you expected? Or did they turn into a different person from the time you interviewed them? The key to any successful business is recruiting, choosing, and keeping hard working people. However, a majority of employers do a horrible […]

Watch Videos From Your Website

Do people watch videos from your website? I recently launched a product and created some content on a blog. The stuff that was placed on my website was both video and text. I did the basic stuff with submitting my articles to the directories. The next thing I did was taking my introductory video and […]

Alcohol And Drug Testing In Schools and Business

Many people have a negative feeling toward drug and alcohol tests. Most people think these tests are oppressive, and are often done to single out members of society, embarrassing them because they have formed an addiction to illicit substances and alcohol. However, specific sectors of society are beginning to perceive these tests differently, believing that […]

The Real Cost of Social Media Recruiting

A recruiter was recently overheard at a conference asking, “So, does social media replace everything else I do?” The answer, of course, is no – but it’s understandable why this recruiter was confused. The amount of hype and enthusiasm for SM recruiting has been substantial. What is social media (SM) recruiting? In essence, the recruiter […]

Pursuing a Career in Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) is the 9th least stressful job in the U. S. A. According to a recent “U.S. News and World Report.” Occupational therapists work with disabled people to help them be more independent in daily life. Disabilities can be due to stroke or other medical condition, as well as congenital. Patience and superior […]

Education and Experience Requirements to go Far in Human Resources

A career in human resources can be demanding and sometimes difficult, but most people find it incredibly lucrative and very fulfilling. Those who work in HR often perform duties similar to those of managers or directors, and most careers will provide ample room to grow. There are a wide variety of jobs in the field, […]

Employment Application Form

Landing the perfect job can be monotonous and very discouraging. Job hunters need to be prepared when looking for openings as managers are captivated by applicants who are able to supplement their company. They are looking for individuals who will give instant results with the goal increasing the business’ efficiency. Places to search for jobs […]