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How to Survive an Affair and Deal With Shattered Emotions

Do wish that you could be permanently numb, and be able to escape the pain of shattered emotions? If you do, then you\’re not on your own… many spouses who are trying to survive the shattering trauma of an affair wish they didn\’t have to go through so much pain. You need to be aware […]

Is Online Sex Considered Cheating

How exactly is cheating defined? Some will say that it involves an actual sexual act with someone other than a person’s significant other. Others would say that it is cheating to simply think about having sex with someone else. So where does online sex fall? If a wife views the family computer’s browsing history and […]

Catching a Cheater With These 9 Signs

Do you think your partner is cheating on you? If so, he or she shouldn’t get away with it and there are signs that will be displayed that makes catching a cheater a rather easy act. You just have to know what to look for and look for them. This doesn’t mean you should become […]

Is Sexting Cheating? – Understanding the Concept

There is one question which is being asked by men and women all over the world and that is, “Is sexting cheating?” There are several concepts that require clarification before understanding whether sexting is cheating or not. It may happen that someday you suddenly come across a text message from an unknown number on your […]

Is Sexting Cheating? – the Source of Pain

As more and more relationships are breaking every day, one question which is gaining prominence all over the world is, “Is sexting cheating?” Several arguments can be put through but the right and the best method of finding out the truth is to find out the cause or the source of pain that wraps up […]

“Is He Cheating?” – Symbols to Read and Understand

Is he cheating? This is a very crucial question that you need to address before it is too late for you to do something. There are several signs and symbols that you need to study properly and find out what your partner or husband is up to. The sooner you find it out, the better […]

Is He Cheating? – the Causes of Infidelity

Infidelity can be looked upon as an emotional crime and hence, it is always important for you to seek answer to the question – “Is he cheating?” If your husband or partner is cheating, you need to find out the reasons or the causes behind such act of emotional crime. There can be cause which […]

Is He Cheating? Exploring the Reasons Behind

You may have asked yourself this question a million times – “is he cheating?” But, did you ever bother to find out the reasons which caused infidelity on his part? If you never thought of the reasons, and you have that big “WHY” hanging on your throat, you need to know the reasons now. Here […]

Is He Cheating? – Find Out Why

Is he cheating on you? If yes, did you ever wonder why is he doing that? Definitely you must have and the biggest question in your eyes when you look at him is “WHY?” If you cannot find out the answers to all your questions, here you can find a number of reasons which can […]

Is He Cheating? – How to Understand

Is he cheating on you? This is the most common question that millions of women all over the world are concerned about. The major problem with all these women are that they are too shy to ask about the signs and symbols that he or she must look for but, just in case they gather […]