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Choosing Between a Desktop and a Laptop

There are many decisions that must be made every day. These choices include what to wear, what to eat, whether or not to do homework, and so forth. A more difficult decision may be whether to purchase a desktop or a laptop computer. There is a largest loyalist group for both the laptop computer and […]

Laptop Screen Protectors – Preserve The Life Of Your PC

When purchasing laptops, a necessary item that is often forgotten is a lap screen protector. The screen is a vitally important laptop component and a costly one to repair or replace if damaged. Investing in a protector can help preserve the computer’s longevity in many different ways. Laptop screen protectors helps keep dust, dirt, fingerprints, […]

How To Use RS232 to RS422 Converters

In a world of Internet broadband and high-speed local area networks, there remain valid reasons for deploying RS232 to RS422 converters in environments where required throughput is measured not in Mbps, but in Kbps. For example, one reason is to extend the physical distance over which devices with RS232 interfaces can operate. And another is […]

The Summer Is Almost Here – Check Out These Cheap Notebooks For Wireless Working Outside

If you seem to spend all of your time around your laptop, whether it’s for playing the latest PC games, chatting online with your friends or carrying out work, during the winter working from a laptop can be great. You can cuddle up on the sofa, plug your laptop battery lead in and sit with […]

5 Things To Look For When Buying A New Laptop

The distance that computers have come over the past three decades is phenomenal. From pieces of technology that were so heavy and large that it was impossible to move them off of the desk that they were on to the present day were laptops can be slid into a bag and carried propecia sterility around […]

Best Selling NetBooks

In 2007, Asus introduced netbooks into the consumer`s market although they lacked the quality of performance and the exceptional features that their notebook counterparts possessed. They also cost much less than their competitors. Today, netbooks are smaller and contain more computing technology giving them the edge over notebook computers. Handheld PC`s are the predecessor to […]

HP Laptops Review

As wonderful as desktop computers were for the home, you couldn`t ignore the fact that they were big, bulky and rather unattractive. The arrival of the laptop was welcomed with open arms. Small, neat and portable, this took home computing to a whole different level and really raised the bar. There was the inevitable flooding […]