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VoIP Security for a Business

VoIP security is still evolving since the threats that have currently been identified are still more or less theoretical in nature. As of now, VoIP calls and VoIP hardware forms a minuscule percentage of the telephone system which is still overwhelmingly PSTN based. Therefore, targeted attacks are still not profitable enough to take the effort […]

Mobile VoIP Setting The Trend For The Mobile Market

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol networks have slowly gained a foothold on telecommunications and are slowly replacing standard PSTN phones as the mainstream telephony devices used for personal, commercial and industrial use. As people and businesses continue to demand more cost-effective communications solutions, VoIP technologies is turning towards the mobile market. Mobile devices can […]

How to Choose the Right VoIP Carrier

In an earlier article, we had taken a look at how a VoIP carrier must be able to meet the twin requirements of cost and customization. Usually, these attributes play off against each other with customization increasing at the expense of cost and vice versa. The true gems amongst VoIP providers (and there are many) […]

What Is Next Up For VoIP Based Communications

The year 2009 was not a very good year for most world economies as the global recession from previous years continued to take its toll. Now that it’s halfway Levitra through 2010, these economies are slowly bouncing back with renewed vigor in various markets for products and services; and one such market VoIP telephony for […]

HD VoIP Will Change Consumer Telephony Solutions

The single most powerful element that binds people together is the comforting sound of a familiar voice. Nothing can signify trust and emotions better than having a face to face conversation with a family member or a friend. The telephone tried for so many years to approximate the quality and depth of a human voice […]

Hosted VoIP Services Offer Growing Businesses Great Reasons To Switch Over

One of the best things to happen to a small or medium scale business is growth. Growth, however, has side effects that need to be addressed at the earliest possible Cialis Professional onset. For one, businesses need to make sure that they are properly handling all their inbound calls. In highly competitive business arenas, players […]

Choosing a Hosted PBX Solution

Once you’ve made your decision to implement a managed VoIP solution, you now need to take a look at all the providers and figure out which one is best for your business. This decision is crucial because you’ll be with them for a long time. Regarding vendor lock in, it’s a bit of a dicey […]

Bandwidth Requirements For VoIP Phones

Since VoIP technology is still evolving, there are many business practices regarding it that are still undecided. One of these is how much bandwidth is necessary for a comfortable VoIP service. We all know the advantages of using VoIP since it only requires one network for management compared Tadacip to traditional PBX systems which also […]

Turning Your Personal Computer Into Your Desk Phone

The amazing advances in Internet technology have not only revolutionized the way information is disseminated on a global scale- it has also changed the way telephony connects people. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol technology has proven to be a more cost-effective alternative to standard telephone services. Aside from the cost savings, VoIP services offer […]

VoIP ADSL Phone: The Internet Telephone Revolution

Long distance and international phone calls can be very expensive. By using a VoIP ADSL phone, the charges can be almost nothing. These phones are part of the internet revolution, and have the potential to replace traditional land line phones. Through the use of digital technology, these phones are able to deliver high quality calls […]