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Speed Up Your Windows Computer in Minutes

It seems when you buy a new computer, whether it is running Windows XP or Vista, it runs fast. Almost blazing fast. Then when you load your software programs and get everything like you want it, it slows way down, to a crawl. It is not just you. This seems to happen to most machines […]

A Closer Look at the Technical Details of Umask

Known as a built-in command for Unix that is commonly used for new data as well as file permissions, Umask can cause confusion to computer users because it functions may have similarities with a mask. In this regard, to solve such problem, it is important for users to detail the permissions, which are not needed […]

An Overview of the Various Applications of the Piezoelectric Effect

Piezoelectricity is a special characteristic that can be seen in different materials such as ceramics, crystals and biological matters like bones, to produce an electric potential or an electric field when a mechanical stress is present. In some materials, the effect of piezoelectricity can be reversed. For instance, its effect on lead zirconate titanate crystals […]

A Closer Look at the Fundamental Aspects of Runtime Error in Computer Systems

An error commonly found in computer systems, a runtime error comes in the form of a message box made up of a particular code with a corresponding definition of the problem. Before this kind of error usually shows up, the computer performs a bit slower than normal. It is therefore important to understand the nature […]

Know the Importance of SMSS

SMSS is a program that has probably been in your system from the first day Tadacip you purchased it, as it is preinstalled software. SMSS.exe stands for Session Manager Subsystem, and is responsible for starting and handling the user session. SMSS is one of the many processes running behind the scenes in Window’s operating systems. […]

3 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Computer Now!

Slow computer is a problem many computer users face on daily basis. It’s most common symptoms are long loading times when starting applications, long boot up times and random crashing. I’m going to list 3 easy ways you can instantly speed up your computer and get rid of the annoying waiting times. Tip 1#: Buy […]

How to Speed Up Your Computer Instantly With a Registry Fixer

Common cause for a slower computer is it’s Windows registry. The registry can cause problems ranging from slower PC to even crashing software. By optimizing it’s performance you can greatly make your computer faster and more stable. Microsoft Registry is like a huge database that stores information about your programs. It also stores info about […]