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Memories of Loss Loves/ How Not to Forget

How do you keep all the memories of a loved one that passed away recently or even many years ago? At least at one point of our lives, we have all lost someone very closed to us, such as a parent, grandparent or even as horrible as it may sound, a child. What can you […]

Remembrance and Freedom at the Digital Age

4th of July is not just about fireworks, barbeques and fun times with family and friends. As we celebrate our nation\’s 239th birthday, it is also a time to reflect on the true meaning of freedom and the sacrifices made to secure it by many people throughout the years. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have […]

Changing the Way We Grieve: The Boomer Generation

4,900 parents of baby boomers die every day in this country. Burying one’s parents has always been a painful midlife passage. I’ve seen my friends over the past five years go through the death of their last parent and just more recently a family friend’s husband, at the age of eighty, died after months of […]

Channeling a Suicide

I was contacted by a friend, Julia, who was emotionally shook up from the suicide of a young friend of her daughters’ named Marcus. Marcus was 25 years old and his girlfriend had just broken up with him. Despondent over his life he shot himself in the head and died immediately. Julia wanted to know […]

How Do the Divine Soul and Oxygen Provide Life to the Body? What Are Positive and Negative Soul Energies and How Do They Affect Our Survival?

You may wonder what your purpose is in life, but have you given any thought to how you can be alive in your physical body? Can you be open enough to accept the premise that your Divine soul along with oxygen providing energy to your body cells is responsible for life? Have you ever heard […]

Handling Funeral Should Be Left to One Who is a Good Planner and Efficient Executer

It is a harsh reality that death is the only certain event in this uncertain world. Anything that takes birth must die and human beings are no exception. Yet, accepting the fact that a loved one is no more is possibly the hardest thing in the world. When death happens in the family, the survivors […]

If Dealing With Losing Someone You Love is Hard Take Recourse to Grief Counseling

Loosing some one you love is not easy. The death may be well expected or it can be sudden; but it always leaves you empty and numb. It is natural for the survivors to remain immersed in grief for a considerable period and during that time you often find them absent minded or even crying. […]

Neither Religious Affiliation Nor a Huge Budget is Important For Making Successful Funeral Arrangements

People usually require information on funeral arrangements under three basic situations: – Somebody has already passed away: Under such circumstances one has to take instant decisions; Quite understandably, the arrangements may lack the fineness that one expects under such conditions. – Somebody is terminally ill and is about to die: It surely sounds little insensitive; […]

Using Modern Technology With Funeral Services

It\’s human nature to wish for the memorialization of someone who has passed away in recent times. We would like people to remember who they were by permitting associates and relatives to come together and share feelings, insights and memories. Online this has became a popular commerce since it can be shared throughout the globe […]

Using Sympathy Videos to Share, Cry and Laugh

An online memorial is a website that a member of a family can set up to celebrate the life of a person who has passed away. It is a great way that friends and family can pay tribute to their loved one and give some comfort to the people that are surviving. Since many people […]