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Home made wind generators: 5 reasons you want one

Are you tired of being at the whim of the power company? Tired of the wind only blowing leaves around your yard? How about you make that wind do something for you, and take care of that power company problem? You can make the wind help you get rid of the power companies grip. Home […]

The History behind the FIFA World Cup

We Americans love our football, baseball, and basketball; we can’t get enough of it. But there is something outside our borders that has infested almost all the other countries in popularity: soccer (or football as they would call it). I don’t think we in this country can even comprehend the passion and love that other […]

The Importance of Battery Recycling in the UK

Surprisingly, not everyone is aware of the importance of recycling household batteries, and many may not even be aware that they can be recycled. This is set to change however, with the European Union’s Battery Directive imposing stricter guidelines on the recycling of batteries. Most consumers of batteries are aware that batteries contain chemicals that […]