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Mortgage Rates Hit An All Time Low: Again

In what has become an almost weekly occurrence mortgage rates hit new all time lows. The 30 year rate fell from 4.56 to 4.54 this week. Rates have either reached new lows or matched old lows for 5 consecutive weeks. The 15 year also reached an all time low dropping from 4.03 to 4.00. It […]

Safe Ways to Order Business Checks

At some time or other almost every company needs to order business checks. The biggest issue some companies or business persons may have is doing so safely online. With online purchases personal financial information is often transmitted. Credit card information needs to be provided when making an order. Plus, your bank’s routing address, your business […]

How to Order Business Checks Online

Just about everything can be bought online. These days, when it is time to order business checks this too can be done via the Internet. This method is popular for many reasons. Normally a set of business checks is provided when a new account is opened. These can be used in the initial stage, but […]

Major Differences Between Credit Unions And Banks

If you have recently moved to Massachusetts and are looking for a banking institution, you will need to select between a credit union or a bank. But which is right for your needs? Many people do not understand the differences between these different financial institutions, and make choices based on ads they see rather than […]

Why Ordering Business Checks Online Is A Good Idea

Businesses, like individuals are doing more online trading. Purchasing Cialis Professional business checks online is popular with companies of all sizes. Sole proprietors and multi-branch operations alike are using this format. In fact, this can be done by any type of business. Finding a company from which to purchase business checks is easy. The top […]

Advantages of Internet Banking

Today, internet banking has become a popular method to manage one’s money and finances. When using internet banking accounts, more consumers now feel empowered to take control of their money. Internet banking, or banking by way of the Internet, offers numerous advantages for banks and consumers. The following is a list of the advantages of […]

Mortgage Rates Hold At All Time Historic Low

Last week the 30 year rate fell to an all time low of 4.57. This week mortgage rates held at 4.57 so we are still sitting on all time historic lows. This is also the 4th week in a row where mortgage rates have either held steady or fallen. The expectation has been that rates […]

Can GIC Rates Earn You More?

For those who are not too familiar with the investments markets and get intimidated by shares, stocks and even bonds, one easy and safe option to put your money into is guaranteed investment certificates, also known as GICs. They are low on the risk factor but also give similar sorts of returns. However, GIC rates […]

Printing Personal Checks: How MICR Works to Make Checks Secure

Personal checks are a banking necessity that will never be entirely eliminated; even with electronic banking. Technology has improved through the decades and today customers can rest assured that their checking information is secured thanks to MICR. MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) is the process by which information is encoded on personal checks. This system […]

Why So Many People are Buying Cheap Checks Online

One reason that so many people are buying cheap checks online is to save money. Many people have found that by buying online they can save big bucks. Checks purchased through banks are generally much more expensive than those purchased online. Savings of forty percent or more can sometimes be realized from shopping online. That […]