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5 Coffee Concoction – A Guide In Ordering The Beverage

Years ago, coffee is only a choice between the brewed and the instant – the black or with cream. It is noticeable that today, there exist so many types of coffee available in cafe making it difficult to choose which Viagra Jelly of them suits your taste. Statistics disclosed that about 75% of Americans consume […]

The History of Today’s Gourmet Coffee

“Coffee is the common man’s gold, and like gold, it brings to every person the feeling of luxury and nobility.” – Sheik Abd-al-Qadir Think about the last cup of coffee you drank. Was it a gourmet coffee blend from Starbucks Coffee? Or maybe a pot you brewed at home such as Maxwell House? Now answer […]

Caffeine Content of Gourmet Coffee Roasts

Many coffee lovers don’t know that there is a difference in gourmet coffee roasts beyond the color and flavor. The little known fact about coffee is light roasts contain a bit more caffeine than dark roasts. In addition to roast, the type of coffee bean also affects the caffeine content. This is helpful to know […]

Is Your Break-Room Wired for Disaster?

Many offices, professional corporations, and clinics may not realize it, but they may be playing with fire… literally. If your office uses a non-commercial home style brewer in a commercial location you may not be insured during the occurrence of a fire. Many insurance companies exclude coverage of a non-commercially rated coffee machine used in […]

Where To Find the Best Roasted Coffee Beans

Sometimes in this country we take every day items for granted. ACH Routing Number BANK OF AMERICA It’s a failing but one we should learn to grow out of. As people become more interested in the provenance of items in their home, they are just beginning to realise just how much work, skill and care […]

Coffee – Its Discovery, Evolution & Historical Background

Somebody once said “A morning without coffee is like sleep” which is so true.Imagine a morning when you wake up to the exotic smell of the freshly brewed coffee!! Isn’t it the most rejuvenating feeling and a perfect start of a new day? This is exactly how the magic of the coffee or kaapee (as […]