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Raw Vegan Veggie Burger with cheddar cheese/humus

Easy Raw Vegan Veggie Burger with Raw Cheddar “Cheese”: This epic raw vegan veggie burger is so easy to make and very delicious! The creamy cheddar cheese is raw vegan, so tasty, and tastes like the dairy cheddar cheese! You will be surprised at how easy it is to make and it actually looks like […]

Grilled Shrimp Recipe

Did you know that shrimp come in more than 300 variety? While there may be a basic understanding of the types being sold in the supermarket as cooked or uncooked, there are more labels that can be added to shrimp. However, these names are not specie, but are instead just synonyms. For example prawn and […]

A Simple Way To Make A Cake

If you are planning a particular occasion for yourself or for someone like a wedding, birthday party, an anniversary, a cake is usually the pastry of choice to celebrate the event. Cakes have been a part of many civilizations for for many years from as far back as the Vikings and the Roman Empire. Sure […]

Quick and Easy Cake Recipes

Baking can be fun particularly if you know what you are doing and you have all the right ingredients and tools available. Who said baking had to be hard? It can be just a piece of cake! Here are some simple cake recipes to start you off on the path to great baking. 1 – […]

Having Fun With All Kinds Of Recipes

A new recipe can add spice to the dinner table, enhance a meal that a regular at your house, or add to your wonderful, growing collection of recipes for meals at a later date. A recipe consists of two or more ingredients blended together. Some recipes require too many ingredients, making organization very difficult. The […]

Easy Cake Recipes You Can Make Right Now

Most of us have the ingredients in the house, and these easy cake recipes can be made right now so you can enjoy a homemade cake. These are all simple and don’t even require much more then opening a can. This combination can make sure you can have a homemade cake quickly and simply with […]

Great Spanish Dishes from Mexican Cookbooks

Mexican cookbooks give you great recipes from Spanish cuisine. There is almost something for everyone in a Mexican cookbook. Whether you are looking for rice, ice cream or meat, you can find all of it in Spanish cuisine. There is no reason to miss out on these great meals because you can find some really […]

Where to find Good Recipes: Mexican Cookbook

When it comes to finding great Mexican recipes, you really have to consider Mexican cookbooks that have modern and pre historic recipes. There are some great Mexican cookbooks that will teach you how to make the same meals that you can find in traditional Spanish restaurants. This is why its important to find yourself a […]

More than a Trifling Experience of Belgian Chocolate Truffles

A chocolate truffle is a collection of chocolate sweets. This mouth watering confection is usually made with a round ganache of chocolate core covered with a powdered cocoa or chocolate. It is actually named after the truffle fungus because of their physical similarities. A ganache is a French term which pertains to the mixture of […]

Easy Raw Food Diet Breakfast Recipes

The raw food diet is a very popular diet that is now being consumed by millions of people around the world. If you are interested in this type of diet, or you have already started adhering to this diet, you are probably wondering what type of food you should eat, especially for breakfast. This article […]