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Successfully Removing Nasty Back Hair

Your back is an amazing part of your body. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to function properly. It holds all the weight of your internal organs and the front of your abdomen and stomach; and it holds one of the most integral parts of your body: the spine. Your spine connects your brain to […]

For Those Curious About How Often To Use The Infrared Sauna

A lot of people really enjoy the process of spending time in a machine called a sauna. This is simply a room that people sit and relax in that builds up a pre-determined amount of heat. This helps people to have a really nice sweat as they relax. People who join health clubs usually have […]

3 Billion Spent On Homeopathy In The US

A study conducted in 2007 showed that Americans spend 3 billion dollars on homeopathy per year. This accounts for about 8.7% of spending on alternative medicine in the US. US spends about 34 billion dollars per year on alternative medicines. 43% are spent on vitamins, herbs and natural occuring products. 35% are spent on alternative […]

FSA Accounts For Homeopathy

Many people in the US have different type of medical accounts. Two popular medical accounts that people with health insurance carry are FSA and HSA. Both of these are similar but are used in a totally different way. This blog entry will concentrate more on FSA but some information about HSA will be given so […]

Government Takes Zicam Off The Shelf

Zicam makes popular homeopathic products such as nasal sprays that are widely available through out the US. Zicam carries 19 products in their line of inventory. 2 products out of 19 were recalled by the FDA. FDA claims that 2 products, Zicam cold nasal gel and Zicam cold nasal swabs, were creating a loss of […]

Are Sensitive Teeth a Problem For You?

If you’ve ever eaten anything cold and had pain in your teeth, you may be suffering from tooth sensitivity. Usually tooth sensitivity (dentin hypersensitivity) presents as temporary tooth discomfort or pain after eating cold food, drinking cold liquids, or breathing cold air. If the pain is very high in intensity and prolonged, see your dentist […]

Reflexology, Reflex Points And Benefits Of This Alternative Medicine

Reflexology has been found to be a good alternative to massage and this has far more advantages. This is already classified as an alternative medicine because many who used it attested to the medical effect and medication influence. What is reflexology? This is a process wherein physical pressure is applied to both the hands and […]

The Adverse Effects of Steroid Use

Sometimes it is good to make clear facts on steroidal substances since they have been mired by different issues that seem to affect them. People are turning towards steroid for their performance and growth needs more than any other time in the history of humans. The more you use the right steroids the more muscles […]

Natural Lung Health Remedy: Detox Your Lungs

More and more people today want to learn how to detox lungs. Why? This is because many individuals today experience the development of illnesses that affect the lungs, and, if you’re someone who values natural lung health and wants to decrease the probability of having chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, and so on, you should think […]

Non-Invasive Method Of Skin Rejuvenation – Skin Needling

The skin is one gauge of the age of a person – the lines and wrinkles in the face, neck and hands. Different cosmetic products come out in the industry to be tried. Different methods of eliminating the wrinkles are invented. Many skin rejuvenation procedures had already been offered – laser resurfacing, Cialis plasma resurfacing, […]