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Austrian Swarovski Crystals

Austria a country of stunningly beautiful mountains, vivid blue skies and crystal blue waters seems the fitting place as the home of Austrian Swarovski crystals. What could be a more fitting place for the world’s most beautiful crystals than this beautiful country? However, the story of Austrian Swarovski crystals did not begin here, but rather […]

Crystal Angel Figurine

Whether you are looking for something to improve your overall home decor or are trying to find a unique gift that has that glamorous and value appeal, a crystal angel figurine could just be what you need. The beauty and charm that oozes from each angel figurine piece and the fact that the number of […]

Crystal Diamond Paperweight

When deciding on gift for people who are close to you it is always difficult to know what to buy, you want something that is unique, special and not too expensive. An ideal gift is a crystal diamond paperweight; these exquisite gifts look amazing on any desk. This gift is not only a great accessory […]

Q&A: Former Museum Director Has Witnessed Changes in Art of the American West

As executive director at the Dallas Historical Society, Michael Duty was responsible for 3 million objects in the organization’s collection, and a key player in the successful campaign to renovate the Texas Hall of State, a national landmark building. Before working at the historical society, Duty was a top administrator at the National Western Art […]

Stephen F. Austin Handwritten Note Is Rare Piece of Texas History

A note written in 1836 by the “Father of Texas,” Stephen F. Austin, is expected to fetch up to $10,000 at a September auction. It’s one of the few known pieces from Austin’s brief tenure as Texas’ first Secretary of State. Four months after Sam Houston defeated Mexican Gen. Santa Anna at the Battle of […]

Reasons for Coin Collecting

Collecting objects is a hobby many people enjoy. One of the most common things people hunt for are rare coins. Collectors have sought after different types of coins for a number of reasons. Pleasure For some, the joy of adamantly seeking out a single object for long periods of time and the rush of excitement […]

An Introduction to Coin Collecting

For pleasure or profit, coin collecting is a hobby that can be enjoyed by many and one that crosses economic and social levels. Brand Cialis With the number of coin collectors worldwide estimated to be in the millions, it is a pastime that many can participate in regardless of their income level. Even young children […]

Enjoy The Benefits Of Shopping Model Cars Online

If you are presently shopping model cars you might want to tap into some of your online resources. Not only can you maximize your savings, but you also have access to a vast array of selections that you might not otherwise be privy to. With a little net investigation you can build your collection cost-effectively, […]

Die Cast Model Cars Are Valuable Collectors Items

The idea that die cast model cars are valuable collectors items is probably true, since they have been classed as collectibles since the 1930s. In 1934, Dinky Toys brought out die cast metal toy cars, which presumably parents brought for little boys, who grew up to be men who still liked the cars, and turned […]

Collecting Classics Model Cars Fun For Both Young And Old

To some people it is just a hobby, to others it is a way of life, no matter what side of the topic you stand on there is no right or wrong answer, collecting classics model cars is just plain fun for kids young and old. There is an excitement that goes with taking a […]