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The Future of the Internet

The Internet changes so fast nowadays. Just think back a few years and we did not even have Facebook. That’s like a staple of nearly every human beings day nowadays and they have even named an official addiction called “Facebook addiction” but I digress, we’re looking at the future of the Internet in this article, […]

Quick Tips to Help Increase Your Broadband Speed

Now that broadband is so widely available many people are starting to enjoy some of the high end delights of the internet such as video streaming, online gaming and voice chatting. However, all of these can be seriously hampered if your broadband speed is not up to scratch. In some cases you will need to […]

How to Minimize Buffering when Watching Video Online

The most frustrating experience associated with watching video clips online is the dreaded appearance of the word ‘buffering’ in the video window, often accompanied by a friendly but ultimately unhelpful spinning icon that suggests some kind of work is progressing without giving you any idea of how long you will have to wait. If you […]