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Austin Capital Metro Explores Options for Reducing Costs

According to current estimates at Capital Metro, the total projected revenue for 2011 is $228.2 million. While this figure might sound quite attractive, the staff at the transit authority also estimates total expenditures of $229.6 million. Clearly, some cost-cutting measures are necessary. Some of the cost cutting measures that have been suggested over the past […]

How Will the Austin, Texas Metro Line Expand in the Future?

Although it took years to get its rail in place, the reality is that Capital Metro still has not managed to achieve its original goal, which was to create a real light rail system in the city of Austin. Sure, the Red Line is now up and running and it does help make transport within […]

Interested in a Condominium? Get a FHA-Insured Loan

Mortgage Insurance for Condominium Units (Section 234(c)) program assists potential homeowners in purchasing a home in a condominium development. The prospective condominium must be the potential homeowner’s primary residence. The intent of this federal program managed under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is to insure the loan of a borrower who […]

Community Reinvestment Act – Impact to Housing Loans

Many of those in the media feel that the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) is the culprit for the recent real estate market bust. Politicians have even echoed this sentiment from the Congressional podium. What is the Community Reinvestment Act, though, and did it actually contribute to or cause the U.S. housing market demise? First, it […]

Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Crackdown

Every aspect of the real estate industry has experienced fraud at one time or another. From homeowners, homebuyers and real estate professionals to lenders, appraisers and title companies, every step of the home buying process propecia online buy has been tainted by fraudulent activity. A greater abundance of it came to light more recently due […]