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GPS Fish Finders

GPS fish finders are small, handy gadgets that will help you locate fish as well as provide you with other pertinent details. They are essential for fishermen that want the best results and are in it for the sport. When searching for the right GPS fish finder it’s important to learn more about the product […]

Marine GPS Chartplotters

A Marine GPS Chartplotter is a navigational device used to integrate the Electronic Navigational Chart with the GPS data. It displays the chart along with the speed, heading and position of the vessel, radar information from the AIS and other navigational sensors such as sonar and echo locators. The most common types of Marine GPS […]

Marine GPS Systems

Many years ago, traveling on the water was extremely dangerous. When a ship set sail on the open water, it took the risk of getting lost, running aground, or even fall prey storms. While the threat of storms and failed navigation is still very real, sailors rarely have to worry about getting lost due to […]

Fishfinder With GPS

For those who enjoy fishing, a GPS is a welcome addition to the arsenal. This is especially true if it is a fishfinder with GPS! There are plenty of amazing things that can be accomplished with such a device, as you can probably imagine. So let’s talk about a few of the benefits, and all […]

Choosing the Right Equipment to Catch an Alaskan King Salmon

Despite the many trophies and awards offered sporting competitions, one of the most rewarding prizes of a day spent fishing in Alaska is catching a famous Alaskan King Salmon. These large fish mark the talent of a true fisherman when they are caught. There are many different things that an angler has to be aware […]

What To See And Do In The Waters Off The Coast Of British Columbia

The waters around the Queen Charlotte Islands have a reputation for being the best in the world for massive catches of premier salmon, halibut and ling and rock cod. The nutrient-rich waters heavy with schools of baitfish – combined with the prime location of these 150 islands in the salmon migration channel – make for […]

Angling to Fish in Alaska

Alaska is one of the top dream vacation destinations in the world. With the bountiful supply of king sized fish that are rumored to jump into the boat, this is no surprise. One of the most popular forms of fishing is known as angling. Angling is when you fish with a hook, which is sometimes […]

Consumer Marine Electronics

With the all the advancements that have been made by consumer marine electronics over the years, it seems one will never be able to keep up. Of course there is no sense trying to keep up as you probably won’t need every product that appears in the market. But if you are an avid fisherman […]

Enjoying A Day of Fishing with the Proper Footgear

The ultimate dream of every fisherman is to experience the beautiful wilderness while fishing in Alaska’s bountiful bodies of water. When the opportunity finally arrives, It can be very easy to forget something vital to the trip at home, such as proper fishing shoes. Experienced fishermen know that the proper fishing shoe is vital to […]

Points On Go Cart Construction

Building your own go cart can be a straightforward, yet challenging project. Just remember that practice makes perfect and always the effort never fails. So build your own go cart with your own style. Go carts are a great alternative for those who want to drive but are not licensed to do so. If you […]